Humphries And Del Mundo Return To "Weirdworld" In New Ongoing

Marvel.com has announced another entry in its growing "All-New, All-Different" lineup -- "Weirdworld" by Sam Humphries and Mike Del Mundo. If the title sounds familiar, that's because a series of the same name was launched as part of the unfolding "Secret Wars" event from writer Jason Aaron; Del Mundo, who illustrated the "Secret Wars" limited series, remains on board for the new ongoing.

While speaking with Marvel.com, Humphries teased his take on the location in Marvel's post-Battleworld landscape. "Weirdworld is a place where anything can happen. Weirdworld is a place inside the Marvel Universe. Weirdworld is a place where the lost can be found. But only if you are strong enough... Weirdworld is a place that is ever changing, always chaotic, and a place of infinite discovery. Its essential nature is so mysterious that no complete map can ever be created. It is a polyglot of fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and other weird things dug up from the brains of myself and [artist] Mike Del Mundo."

The series will feature a new protagonist, a 16-year-old girl named Becca, whose hand most likely appears on the "Weirdworld" teaser image.

"The main character of this book is Becca, a 16-year old girl from Earth who doesn't land on Weirdworld, she crashes into it," explained Humphries. "She's just a normal girl, who was already in the middle of her own tragic Earthbound quest. Now her quest has become even more difficult; she must find her way home through a place where good and evil are subsumed in a hurricane of madness."

Becca won't be alone on her quest, as Humphries revealed that she will be joined by a wizard named Ogeode, a barbarian named Goleta that "drives a bad ass muscle car" and a third character called Catbeast.

Despite taking place in a truly exotic location, Humprhies says that the book will tie into the larger Marvel Universe. The primary villain will be Avengers foe Morgan le Fay and Humprhies says to check out Frank Tieri's upcoming "Black Knight" series for more Weirdworld info.

"Weirdworld" launches this December.

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