Humphries and Araujo's "Avengers A.I." #12 Closes The Series in April

"Avengers A.I." writer Sam Humphries has announced via Tumblr that the series will end with April's issue #12. The series was notably absent from Marvel's May 2014 solicitations after double-shipping in April with "Avengers A.I." #11 and #12.

"As many of you solicit Sherlocks have already discerned, issue 12 will be the last issue of 'Avengers A.I.'" Humphries said via Tumblr. "I loved writing this book. I'll miss it. I'll miss writing the characters. I couldn't even say which one I'll miss the most. Okay, it's Doombot. But, I am very excited because I've been busy working on my next round of Marvel projects. Lots of awesome stuff this year. You'll hear about the first one in a couple months. My thanks and gratitude to everyone who worked on the book. Jon, Clayton, Frankie, Dylan, Tom, and Valerio who jumped in for two gorgeous issues. And Lauren Sankovitch, queen of the machine menace. The final three or so issues or so are our best, definitely our wildest. Stay tuned for the extinction of humanity, the Marvel Universe of 12,000AD, and a bald parrot."

"Avengers A.I." debuted in July 2013 in the aftermath of "Age of Ultron" as a team of artificial intelligence heroes led by Hank Pym. With art by Andre Lima Araujo, the book's primary cast included Hank Pym, Monica Chang, Vision, a Doombot, Victor Mancha, new character Alexis. The series dipped below 20,000 copies sold in December and although it pushed back above 20,000 in January, it still remained one of Marvel's lowest-selling titles each month.

"Avengers A.I." #12 hits stores in April.

UPDATE: Sam Humphries has commemorated the end of "Avengers A.I." with an emoji-flocked image (originally the cover of issue #1), as he has done in the past to promote issues of the series.

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