Humaonoids overships first issue of 'Negative Exposure'

[Negative Exposure]Los Angeles ­ October 18, 2001 ­ Humanoids Publishing will overship to retailers the first issue of NEGATIVE EXPOSURE(TM) scheduled to arrive in stores November 7. The comic book by RAPTOR and GYPSY-BLACK EYES artist Enrico Marini will be in extra supply at every retailer enrolled in the overship program with Diamond Comic Distributors.

Retailers will receive a minimum of three extra copies of NEGATIVE EXPOSURE #1, including outlets that did not order the title. Each store that requested 16 or more copies, will receive an overship of 25 percent above its original orders.

NEGATIVE EXPOSURE is a six-issue mini-series that focuses on the misadventures of photojournalist Oliver Varese as he travels the world on assignment. A unique blend of manga, European art, humor, and action, NEGATIVE EXPSOURE #1 is full color, 32 pages, and will retail for $2.95.

"We saw the success that we had overshipping THE INCAL #1, and thought that we should apply the same plan to NEGATIVE EXPOSURE," said Ian Sattler, Marketing Manager for Humanoids Publishing. "With THE METABARONS, it took some time for that book to find its audience, but it definitely did. By overshipping NEGATIVE EXPOSURE, we put as many copies as possible out there for fans to see and sample. At the same time, we show retailers how we stand behind this comic and the large following it is sure to gather."

Steve Leaf, Brand Manager, Comics Purchasing Team, at Diamond commented, "I believe this is an excellent use of Diamond¹s overship program as Humanoids has proven the high quality of their product and the overship will help retailers capture possible lost sales due to conservative ordering on this title."

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