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Pure X-stasy: 15 Humans Who Slept With Mutants

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Pure X-stasy: 15 Humans Who Slept With Mutants

The distinction between super-powered humans and mutants in the Marvel Universe has always been a little strange, given that one group are usually seen as saviors, while the other side is often perceived as dangerous by a sizable chunk of the public. And while maybe that’s completely intentional, playing into the X-Men’s well-documented social undertones surrounding the dangers of prejudice and other equally heavy topics, the result has been a very clear divide between the human race and mutantkind.

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This is likely why the X-Men are often considered outcasts, operating on the fringes of society while doing their best to keep to themselves while saving the world. Because of this however, the relationships that blossom between mutants seem to be very insular — with mutants often pursuing relationships with other mutants and humans doing the same, resulting in a surprising lack of mutant-human relationships appearing in Marvel comics. With that said, there are still several examples of humans and mutants who’ve decided to… stick it to the man, so to speak by getting physical with each other despite the petty quarrels between the two groups. In the spirit of that thought, here is a list of 15 humans who slept with mutants.


daredevil typhoid mary

Seemingly a magnet for toxic relationships and deadly love affairs, it’s no surprise that Daredevil has a tumultuous relationship with powerful mutant and long-time villain Typhoid Mary. The whole relationship is made even more complicated by the fact that Typhoid Mary has dissociative identity disorder, giving her three different personalities: the meek, mild-mannered Mary, the driven, violent Typhoid Mary and the altogether more brutal Bloody Mary.

Depending on which personality is currently active, Mary can go from genuinely caring about Daredevil to outright despising him, often flitting from by-his-side to at-his-throat at the drop of a hat. The tug-of-war between these deadly identities doesn’t do much to keep Daredevil away though — this is Matt Murdock, after all — but it’s still pretty weird that Daredevil has no qualms with sleeping with his potential murderer, especially when she’s clearly suffering from mental illness.


Star Lord Kitty Pryde

A rare example of literal star-crossed lovers, the odd but strangely fitting relationship between Star-Lord and mutant Kitty Pryde began during “The Trial of Jean Grey” story arc, as writer Brian Michael Bendis had control of both the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy comics at the time. Their relationship wasn’t physical for quite some time however, as their primary source of communication was through an “intergalactic phone”, as Peter Quill’s galaxy-spanning adventures kept them apart.

Kitty would later be forced to save Peter from the villain known as Mr. Knife however, and decided to stay in space after the rescue mission. The couple would eventually have sex aboard Peter’s ship, and he’s since shown huge steps forward in his commitment to Kitty, rejecting the cosmic power of the Black Vortex for her and even proposing marriage.


colleen wing cyclops

After appearing in Netflix’s Iron Fist series and set to show up again in The Defenders, Colleen Wing is probably getting more recognition as a mainstream character than at any other point in her history. What many people probably don’t know though is that Colleen was part of one of the most out-of-the-blue, underexplored relationships ever for a brief period.

After finally letting go of Jean Grey following her transformation into Dark Phoenix, Cyclops felt he was finally ready to get back out there, and began dating Colleen, much to the surprise of not only his colleagues but readers, too. While it would seem that the relationship between these two popular characters would be something of a high-profile affair, the relationship was pretty much over before it even began, as Cyclops ended things after discovering that the love of his life might not be dead after all.


Wolverine-Squirrel Girl

It’s revealed during an awkward encounter in New Avengers #7 that Wolverine may have had a past fling with everybody’s favorite rodent-themed superhero Squirrel Girl, much to the amusement and/or anger of certain comic book fans. Babysitting for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Squirrel Girl bumps into Logan, and the two have the kind of awkward exchange usually reserved for ex-lovers in romantic comedies, with each commenting that the other looks good, while insisting on remaining professional.

While some fans see this as merely a forced joke and nothing more, there’s no denying that the undertones here are anything but subtle — and let’s face it, Squirrel Girl took a little too much enjoyment out of beating Wolverine senseless during their sparring session soon afterwards.


Tony Stark Emma Frost

While there’s no question that Tony Stark is one of the biggest womanizers in the Marvel Universe, his record with mutants is surprisingly slim, despite having slept with countless other humans, superhumans and even aliens throughout his career. That said, it was revealed in Civil War that Tony once had a hush-hush “arrangement” of sorts with mutant Emma Frost when both were single; a fact Tony attempts to use as leverage against Frost during the conflict, implicitly threatening to spill the beans to Frost’s at-the-time boyfriend, Cyclops.

Luckily for Emma, she’s already let know Scott know about her past with Stark, stating that it’s only fair to be honest with him considering she can read his mind. Still, with Emma and Tony being two of the most seductive characters in Marvel, it’s hard not to wonder exactly who seduced who.


trish tilby beast

Perhaps the most unstable romantic relationship in Beast’s life thus far, Trish Tilby shares a storied history with the mutant, though their romantic involvement unfortunately ends up badly for both of them. First coming to the X-Men’s attention as a mutant-centric news reporter, Trish and Hank hit it off immediately, but their frequent disputes over journalistic ethics and Trish’s reluctance to fully accept Beast’s increasingly feral appearance makes this a very hot-and-cold relationship.

It’s Beast’s mutation into a more feline form that puts the final nail in their coffin however, as the villain Cassandra Nova uses the opportunity to expose their relationship to the world — with many news outlets referring to their relationship as bestiality. This is too much for Trish to handle, who finally breaks things off with Beast once and for all — and over voicemail, no less.



During their time as students at Oxford University, Moira MacTaggert met and fell in love with Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men, and the two were soon engaged to be married. Eventually however, Moira makes the decision to end their relationship and return to her homeland of Scotland – although what convinced her to do this is unknown.

While Moira eventually reappears in Professor X’s life as a prominent part of the X-Men, their relationship isn’t really focused on all that much, which is odd given their past. Moira does engage in a new romantic relationship with Banshee however, another mutant and one of Charles’ fellow X-Men, which must’ve been pretty awkward. It’s also worth noting that Moira is Charles’ ex-wife in the Ultimate Universe, with the villain Proteus being the biological result of their union; just in case you wanted definitive proof that they have in fact slept together.


sentry rogue

One of the most out of left field relationship revelations in recent memory came during the aftermath of the “Siege” story — which sees an out-of-control Robert Reynolds (aka Sentry) finally give in to his hugely destructive alter-ego, The Void, after being manipulated by Norman Osborn. The entity’s brutal rampage ultimately forces Thor’s hand, who kills him in a last-ditch effort to save the world.

Naturally, Earth’s heroes are saddened by the death of Sentry, but none more so than Rogue, who it’s revealed has been sleeping with Sentry for an undetermined amount of time — with Sentry being the only man who can touch her. While Rogue’s grief at the loss of this human connection is understandable, the lack of build up or pay off for this revelation just felt very strange, and to this day has still never been properly addressed.


wonder man scarlet witch

Perhaps one of the more notable examples of a typically soapy relationship in comic books, Simon Williams (aka Wonder Man) has long held feelings for his colleague and fellow superhero Scarlet Witch. With the heroine being tied to Vision for a significant chunk of her history however, Wonder Man never really got to the chance to act on his burgeoning romantic feelings, especially given his brotherly relationship with Vision.

There are two notable exceptions to this however, as the two heroes embarked on an affair during a run on The Avengers in the early 2000s. The other, more disturbing example though, came in Avengers West Coast #56, where a newly-evil Scarlet Witch used her powers to freeze the Avengers and sexually assault Wonder Man — a scene that proved so scandalous it had to be edited in its final release to make it less sexually explicit.


deadpool siryn

Despite what a lot of people seem to think, Deadpool is not in fact a mutant, although his powers do originate from the same Weapon X program that’s given other mutants (like Wolverine) some of their powers. Either way, for a grotesquely scarred, mentally deranged, and frankly gross superhero, Deadpool sure does seem to have a colorful roster of love interests.

The most sincere of these relationships however is the one he shares with Siryn, who he met during a battle with the Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy. Seeing the good in the Merc with a Mouth and finding herself able to get past his looks, an infatuation blossoms between the two (to the disapproval of her father, Banshee), and the two embark on an on-again, off-again relationship. The pressure of handling Deadpool’s sanity eventually becomes too much for her to handle, and she sadly breaks things off with him.


wolverine itsu

One of Wolverine’s many lovers of Japanese origin, Itsu would eventually turn out to be perhaps his most regrettable relationship. After the couple fall in love, Itsu reveals to Wolverine that she’s pregnant, leading to Logan’s participation in a “proving ceremony” of sorts, where he’s tasked with proving his mettle as a father through combat. Accidentally killing one of the combatants, Wolverine is shunned by the community, as well as Itsu, and decides to leave.

Later returning to her, Logan discovers that Itsu has already been killed — by the Winter Soldier of all people — but not before Itsu managed to give birth to Daken, Wolverine’s sadistic son who turned out to be a huge problem for not only Wolverine but Earth as a whole throughout his violent career as a supervillain.


Magda Eisenhardt Magneto

Meeting a young Magneto before the horrors of World War II got fully underway, Magda and Magneto took an instant liking to one another, before they were separated by the escalating conflict — with Magda ending up in a concentration camp. After the success of his complex, convoluted escape plan however, Magneto eventually manages to free his love and the two escaped to a village where they soon married.

Magda Eisenhardt may not be a household name in the same way as her husband, but her role is incredibly important to the Marvel Universe, as she later gave birth to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver after fleeing from Magneto. Sure, the true parentage of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver is ever-changing, but this seems to be the definitive version of their origin.


doctor doom scarlet witch 1

During the fan-favorite Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, readers finally got to see the return of Scarlet Witch following her lengthy absence after the events of House of M — though she didn’t reappear under normal circumstances by any means. Resurfacing as an amnesiac, Scarlet Witch is revealed to have fallen in love with Doctor Doom, and the two are in fact engaged.

While the two are seemingly happy in their relationship, things soon fall apart when Scarlet Witch regains her memories, and learns that the Life Force she and Doom attempted to tap into to bring back her dead children had been possessing her, with Doom revealing that he was responsible for her actions during House of M. Although the story never explicitly states that Doom and Scarlet Witch slept together, the manipulative nature of Doom combined with their passion for one another makes it very unlikely that they didn’t.



With the exception of perhaps Jean Grey, Mariko Yashida is arguably the chief love of Wolverine’s life, playing a huge role in Chris Claremont’s run on the character’s solo series. Heiress to the less-than-savory Yashida crime syndicate, Mariko is thrown headfirst into a world of crime and violence when her father’s death results in her inheritance of the family business.

During this dark period, it was Wolverine who stood by her side and helped her out of several volatile situations stemming from her involvement with organized crime. This only strengthened the bond between the two, and the couple even planned to marry at one point, before the wedding was ruined by the villainous Mastermind. Their relationship eventually came to a tragic end when Mariko was poisoned by a rival crime family, forcing Wolverine to kill her to spare the love of his life a slow and painful death.



One of the most memorable and well-loved power couples in the Marvel Universe, Black Panther and Storm have remained fan favorites both separately and as a team since their relationship began — even though they’re separated. Meeting many years ago when Storm came to the rescue of T’Challa, the two soon fell for each other, only reconnecting years later before marrying in Black Panther #18.

For a while, the relationship between the two was light and breezy to read, and there was surprisingly little baggage between the pair compared with other comic book couples — that is until the events of Avengers Vs. X-Men, at least. After Namor lays waste to Wakanda, a schism between T’Challa and the X-Men grows, resulting in T’Challa annulling the couple’s marriage, much to Storm’s surprise. Despite this drama however, the two remain close friends, pledging their support for each other in their future endeavors.

Did we miss any other humans who slept with mutants? Let us know in the comments!

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