Humanoids unveils new Web site

Official Press Release

Los Angeles ­ March 4th, 2002 ­ Humanoids Publishing¹s new website went livetoday at: www.humanoids-publishing.com This site is a re-imagined websiteoffering several new features including animations, discussion boards, andupdated release schedules.

"This is a really important step for us", said Ian Sattler, MarketingManager for Humanoids. "This site is an avenue for fans to not only have achance to get updated on our books, but communicate with us as well. For newfans, the website is a great way to be introduced to our publications.Personally, I¹m really looking forward to the future of the site, in termsof expanding it over time to include as many cool bells and whistles aspossible. We¹ll always be trying to do something exciting, from contests toexclusive sneak previews of artwork. It¹s going to be a lot of fun."

In addition to release schedules, back catalogue information, and discussionboards, www.humanoids-publishing.com also features news updates and links toflash animations. The flash animations are of special note as they are fortwo of Humanoids¹ more popular series, The Metabarons, and From Cloud 99.Also included are art submission guidelines and contact information for thecompany.

Humanoids has also created a special section for retailers onwww.humanoids-publishing.com , where they can register to receive updates onspecial ordering incentives and releases.

"We are dedicated to keeping this website updated and relevant", said DaveOlbrich, Publishing Director for Humanoids. "Not only does that provide morevalue for fans, but it helps us in terms of information gathering andpromotions. I hope that we can also use the site to increase our contactwith retailers as well."

Humanoids Publishing is a division of The Humanoids Group, with offices inParis, Brussels, Saigon, Geneva and Los Angeles. The Humanoids Group is amulti-faceted conglomerate headed by Chairman Fabrice Giger. Humanoidsfeatures subsidiaries that include an internationally renowned graphicnovel/comic book publishing house, a 3-D animation and visual effectsstudio, an animation software development company and an entity currentlydeveloping interactive, role-playing computer games.

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