Humanoids 'Ship of Stone' misprinted

Official Press Release

Los Angeles - The English-language initial printing of Enki Bilal's SHIP OF STONE from Humanoids Publishing was flawed with a serious printing error. Upon close examination of the book, readers will notice that page 28 was printed twice, while page 27 wasn't included at all.

Humanoids Publishing started working with the printer to produce a correct version of SHIP OF STONE immediately after discovering the problem. The company is taking every possible step to solve this issue as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it is expected that a delay of 90 days or more will pass before new copies will be available.

Steps are being taken to keep the costs of this error as small as possible. Humanoids will not be asking for returns on any of the misprinted books. Anyone in possession of a flawed SHIP OF STONE are welcome to do with them as they please. The company has issued credits to all customers. Anyone re-selling the book should pass along those credits to their customers.

"We trust that retailers will stop selling these initial printings to readers and will work with those customers who may have already purchased a copy," said Dave Olbrich, Humanoids Director of U.S. Publishing. "Retailers are encouraged to mark the book as Ňímisprinted' and then give it away to customers who may enjoy it. This may be a unique opportunity to provide a free book to readers who may have been reluctant to sample Humanoids literary, high quality comics and books," Olbrich said.

Retailers will be given the opportunity to adjust their orders for the corrected version of the book when it becomes available.

To avoid confusion, Humanoids Publishing will be making an obvious change to the cover of the properly printed SHIP OF STONE. In this way it will be easy to tell the new version from the flawed version. The original had a white logo, while the corrected version will have a yellow/gold logo. For comparison purposes, you can see the logos on the following web page http://www.humanoids.vjungle.com/covers/soslogo.jpg

Thanks to everyone for supporting Humanoids Publishing and we appreciate your patience in this matter.

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