Humanoids Publishing solicitations for product shipping October, 2001

By Jodorowsky and Janjetov

Continuing the COMPLETE epic of John Difool! John's journey takes a turn for the strange when he goes undercover as a pregnant prostitute to solve the mystery of the Red Rings birth rate. Questions are answered by more questions when the conspiracy John is investigating proves to be bigger than imagined. Find out what character dies when faced with "The Insatiable".

32 pages, FC, $2.95

ISBN #1-930652-64-X

By Jodorowsky and BessContinuing the tale of an assassin's bloody road to redemption. Find out why this book was recommended by Warren Ellis on www.orderingcomics.com. Ellis said, "This is going to be gleefully warped, genuinely nasty, and very compelling. Like a car crash. The painter, Georges Bess, is hugely gifted." In this chapter Juan advances his position as the Prime Minister's bodyguard, by killing the man's daughter. Now that Juan has gained thismuch trust, how will he exploit it? The answer will shock you.


56 pages, FC, $15.95

ISBN #1-930652-52-6

By Jodorowsky and Gimenez

This second volume of the cult-hit series, The Metabarons, collects issues #6-10 of the comic book series. Metabarons has continued to receive accolades from comics fans, creators, and retailers. The first collection, Metabarons: Path Of The Warrior, introduced the series to thousands of new fans. Find out what all the excitement is about in this new collection that focuses on Steelhead, who may be the most ruthless Metabaron in history. By Incal writer Alexandro Jodorowsky, and Leo Roa artist Juan Gimenez.

136 pages, FC, $14.95

ISBN #1-930652-24-0

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