Humanoids Publishing solicitations for product shipping January, 2002

By Marini, Smolderen, and Pop

Readers will definitely take note of this sleeper hit featuring theManga-influenced art of Raptors and Gypsy creator Enrico Marini.Investigative journalist, Oliver Varese, passes the time while waiting to behung in prison by playing basketball and trying to get out of fights. When achance to escape certain death arrives, Oliver manages to get out of jail,but the danger continues at his next stop when the cocktail party he'sscouring for clues is attacked by hang-gliding ninjas. During all thisaction, Oliver manages to finally put the truth together about MadameKokonino's nefarious plans, now all he has to do is live long enough to stopthem.

32 pages, FC, $2.95

ISBN #1-930652-73-9

By Jodorowsky and Bess

The darkest, most over-the-top series Humanoids has ever publishedcontinues! Metabarons writer Jodorowsky's tale of hit man Juan Solo's accentfrom poverty to the Governor's Mansion has come at the cost of his soul.Juan has committed heinous acts that can hardly be imagined. But now, inthis important chapter, we see the price he will have to pay in order tofind redemption. This path will be more brutal than the one that he used toclimb out of the gutter. Sun Of The Gun is a truly innovative and grippingstory from two of the best creators in the world. Find out why this seriesis being celebrated by comics pros like Warren Ellis and fans around theworld.


56 page Album, FC, $15.95

ISBN #1-930652-53-4

By Jodorowsky and Janjetov

The story arc that leads to legendary artist Moebius' run on the seriescontinues as John finds himself deep in the middle of a dangerous mystery.In trying to uncover why there are no pregnancies in the Red Ring prostitutedistrict, John has uncovered a conspiracy that will shake the foundation ofsociety. Will he and his allies be able to live long enough to find out? Theanswer will surprise and set the tone for the future.

32 pages, FC, $2.95

ISBN #1-930652-65-8

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