Humanoids Publishing solicitations for product shipping April, 2002. Preview: Exterminator 17

Humanoids Publishing solicitations for product shipping April, 2002. Preview: Exterminator 17

Exterminator 17

Written by Jean-Pierre Dionnet

Art and Covers by Enki Bilal

Colors by Dan Brown

The beginning of a new epic from Humanoids Publishing. Nikopol Trilogyartist, Enki Bilal, teams with world-renowned writer Jean-Pierre Dionnet tocreate a unique science fiction adventure. For generations, warrior robotscalled, "Exterminators", have fought in deadly environments across thegalaxy. When the soul of the man who created the Exterminators istransferred into one of his killing machines, a series of events is set intomotion that will lead to the liberation of his creations from their humanmasters. Exterminator 17 will mark the first time that Humanoids Publishingwill follow a graphic album with a comic series. Fans of Bilal should alsotake note that Exterminator 17 features a master re-coloring by comicsveteran Dan Brown.

66 pages, Album, FC, $15.95

ISBN #1-930652-50-X

Written by Alexandro Jodorowsky

Art by Zoran Janjetov

Coloring by Dan Brown

The first story arc of the series comes to a dangerous end, as even moresecrets are revealed about those involved in John Difool¹s first case as adetective. The Incal is respected world wide for its vision and ability toweave incredibly detailed stories, and this issue is no exception. The Incal#9 also continues the countdown until legendary artist Moebius¹ work isshowcased, beginning in issue #13.

32 pages, FC, $2.95

ISBN #1-930652-67-4


Hunting Party

Art and cover by Enki Bilal

Story by Pierre Christin

Revisit this international classic by Nikopol Trilogy creator EnkiBilal. Ten members of the Soviet Politburo gather at a sumptuous countryhome for a weekend of shooting. In reality, this winter hunt is only anexcuse for an elaborate game of death filled with suspense and intrigue. Afascinating story which reads like a ruthless dissection of power. Availableagain after being out-of-print for months.

96 pages, Album, FC, $16.95

ISBN #0-9672401-7-4

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