Humanoids Publishing Signs with The LPC Group for Mass Market Book Sales

Official Press Release

[Humanoids Publishing]Los Angeles ­ February 13th, 2002 ­ Book distributor LPC Group has signed tobe the exclusive trade distributor for Humanoids Publishing. HumanoidsPublishing specializes in comic trade paperbacks and hardcover graphic.

LPC Group is a Connecticut-based distributor of more than 80 independentpublishers, including 21 graphic novel publishers. Long specializing in popand alternative culture, LPC Group has quickly become the largestdistributor of graphic novels to the book trade. In the past four years,LPC's graphic novel sales have increased by over 100% per year, surpassingone million graphic novels in 2001.

"Humanoids' diverse line of European graphic novels really fill a specialniche that seems primed for growth," said Michael Murphy, LPC Group's VicePresident. "We've already seen a rapid growth of manga‹comics from Japan. Ithink graphic novels from Europe will be next. And there's nothing out therelike Humanoids' line‹the great stories combined with unusually lush artworkand book production create a really unique line that will be a pleasure tosell."

Dave Olbrich, Humanoids Director of U.S. Publishing said, "Effectivelyselling books containing comic art requires a great deal of productknowledge. Mass market bookstores are only beginning to discover thepublic's interest in this material and the profitability of stocking thesebooks. The LPC Group, as the leader in the category, brings a depth ofunderstanding about how to sell the books of Humanoids Publishing that wecouldn't have gotten anywhere else."

The books from Humanoids Publishing feature groundbreaking comic art fromthe world's finest creators, presented in remarkable high qualitypublications. Purchased in 1988 by entrepreneur Fabrice Giger, the companywas already famous for Metal Hurlant, which inspired the creation of theAmerican magazine Heavy Metal. Imaginative and sophisticated, Humanoids'science-fiction and heroic fantasy stories are designed to be read andenjoyed by a wider audience than that of a typical graphic novel in theAmerican market. Humanoids, a dominant player in the French-language graphicalbum market, is experiencing rapid growth in the United States and Canada.Future plans include new graphic albums and trade paperbacks containing newstories from the finest comics talent from both sides of the Atlantic. NorthAmerican audiences are only beginning to discover the outrageous thrills andthought-provoking fun contained in these products.

Humanoids Publishing is a division of The Humanoids Group, with offices inParis, Brussels, Saigon, Geneva and Los Angeles. The Humanoids Group is amulti-faceted conglomerate headed by Chairman Fabrice Giger. Humanoidsfeatures subsidiaries that include an internationally renowned graphicnovel/comic book publishing house, a 3-D animation and visual effectsstudio, an animation software development company and an entity currentlydeveloping interactive, role-playing computer games.

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