Humanoids chooses CDS in major distribution deal

Press Release

Humanoids and Client Distribution Services (CDS) have just signed an agreement whereby CDS will become Humanoids exclusive distributor to the book trade in America. "We could not be happier with this agreement," said Humanoids Chairman, Fabrice Giger."Humanoids is very confident that CDS will be able to introduce us to many new fans, and we are proud to be with the other publishers who work with CDS. The future is very bright indeed."

Humanoids came into existence in 1988 in France when company president,Fabrice Giger, acquired Les Humanoides Associes, a publishing house founded in 1974 by a group of French comic book artists. Les Humanoides was already famous for publishing Metal Hurlant, which inspired the American magazine Heavy Metal. Humanoids Publishing is the backbone of its parent company, The Humanoids Group, a multimedia organization with several associated companies. Humanoids dominates the huge French market for science fiction and fantasy graphic novels, and in 1999 started publishing books in English for the American market. Their best-selling titles include The Nikopol Trilogy, The Metabarons, and The Incal.

Robert Boyd, graphic novel Category Manager for CDS, said, "It's an honor to be working with a company with the kind of history and tradition that Humanoids has. Their great graphic novels and ultra-high production values really bring something valuable to CDS and to the graphic novel category."

CDS is the largest company offering marketing and distribution services for publishers of all sizes including sales, warehousing, fulfillment of orders, and collections. CDS provides the continuity of a highlyexperienced team that has closely tracked and reacted to the changes taking place in the publishing industry over the last two decades. Among the roster of current CDS clients are: Abbeville Press, Assouline, Atrium Group, Carbon Press, Chimera, Chouette, CrossGeneration Entertainment, Filipacchi, Harvard Business School Press, John M. Hardy Publishing, Lego Media, Marvel Comics, Moyer Bell, New Millennium, Parragon, QVC Publishing, Survival Books, Sybex, Taschen America, Tokyopop, Vault.com, and Virgin Books.

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