Humanoids 'Ante Genesem' to be adapted into movie

Press Release

Humanoids Publishing is pleased to announce that their new graphic album, Ante Genesem Book One: The Prophet, is to be adapted into a feature film. Marco Weber, producer of 13th Floor and the upcoming Igby Goes Down, and Atlantic Streamline are financing the projectthat was brought in by Atlantic Streamline Executive Vanessa Coifman.

Fabrice Giger and Justin Connolly of Humanoids are executive producers for the movie that will be called, Prophet, based on the book¹s subtitle. Jason Marx and Ben Loory are adapting the screenplay, having just finishing Enoch's Portal for Alex Proyas, director of The Crow and Dark City. The writers are represented by Endeavor.

"This is the first of many tent-pole movies which Humanoids plans to bring to the big screen based on its outstanding catalogue of properties," said Justin Connolly of Humanoids. "And Prophet is a great way to start because the source material in the book is so good, it really lends itself to being an exciting movie."

Ante Genesem Book One: The Prophet tells the story of Jack Stanton, the sole survivor of an expedition gone horribly wrong. Against all odds, he has returned with proof of a monolith, 1,500 feet tall, built 20,000 feet above sea level. Inside this monolith is proof that an advanced civilization walked the Earth before man. A civilization of immense power, and incredible evil. As he prepares to promote his new book about the monolith, Jack is haunted by visions and attacked by religious zealots warning of the danger of his findings. Before Jack has time to assess his situation, a supertanker runs aground in New York. This catastrophe somehow causes Jack to be stranded in another dimension. Could this dimension actually be Hell? And if Jack is in Hell, what forces are now free on Earth? Ante Genesem is a mustread for fans of the supernatural and the surreal.

Ante Genesem Book One: The Prophet is a full-color 46-page hardcover album, retailing for $15.95. It goes on-sale July 31st. For more information, go to: www.humanoids-publishing.com

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