Humanity faces extinction and sea monsters in 'Rim City'

Humankind was born looking up at the stars, but what if its last hope is deep in the ocean?

That's the conceit of Rim City, written by Alessandro Apreda and illustrated by Daniel Orlandini, the inaugural title from anew Italian comics company Atomico. Melding seemingly the inspiration of Neon Genesis EvangelionHalo with undersea sci-fi like The AbyssRim City hits a familiar tone, albeit in some unfamiliar surroundings -- and with top-notch artwork that would make any publisher jealous.

Atomico is crowdfunding the release of Rim City, asking for a little more than $8,000 to publish the 80-page story in Italian and English. It also has plans to release more titles, including Quebrada by Matteo Casali with covers by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

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