Human Torch is at The Thing's Mercy in "Fantastic Four" "Original Sin" Teaser

March has been full of teaser images for Marvel Comics' upcoming "Original Sin" event, promoting the idea that every one of the Marvel U's heroes have some kind of deep, dark secret that will come to light during the course of the series. The latest teaser focuses on "Fantastic Four" with series artist Leonard Kirk depicting Johnny Storm bloodied and beaten at the hands of a teary-eyed Ben Grimm. Like all the other "Original Sin" teasers, Kirk's features a Bible quote -- Genesis 2:10: "...And there it divided and became four rivers." Whatever the significance of the teaser, the "Fantastic Four" "Original Sin" arc starts in June.

Among the teasers already revealed for "Original Sin" tie-in stories are Greg Land drawing the "All-New Invaders"; Declan Shalvey penciling a "Deadpool" family photo; Francesco Francavilla taking the "Mighty Avengers" to a previous era and Frank Cho bringing a painful revelation to Captain America for "New Avengers."

Check out Kirk's "Original Sin" teaser below.

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