'Hot' Couture: All Of Human Torch's Costumes Over the Years

With the Fantastic Four's ongoing series finally returned at Marvel, it is clear that we will eventually see some sort of costume change for the group. It is just a standard thing for comic book series to do nowadays. Every once in awhile, you re-design the heroes' costumes. Iron Man gets a new armor, Thor gets a new look, etc. It is all fair enough, of course, but in the case of the Fantastic Four, it is particularly interesting to see how many costumes they have gone through in recent years considering they went thirty years with roughly two basic costume designs for the group - and one of them was just an inversion of the other one!

Johnny Storm, however, has always been a bit of a maverick and has had more distinct costumes than the rest of the team. So here, we will take a look at all of Johnny's costumes over the years.

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When the Fantastic Four debuted, Marvel was still primarily making monster comics featuring normal looking heroes who would face off against bizarre monsters from other planets. Thus, when they first decided to dip their toes into the superhero market again, they initially stuck to the same basic look of their monster comics.

Thus, the first time that we see Johnny in action as the Human Torch, he's wearing mechanic coveralls.

Later, when the Fantastic Four go on a mission, he's wearing just a generic outdoors outfit.


Even when Jack Kirby and Stan Lee decided to go with superhero costumes in the third issue of the series, they still chose to make them a lot more functional in appearance than most superhero costumes. These were still, essentially, jumpsuits.

While they initially had high black collars, Kirby dropped the collars after a few issues and that look, the jumpsuit with short black collars was what Johnny and the others would wear for the rest of Kirby and Lee's run on the series, and well into the runs of the creative teams on the book after Kirby and Lee.

In fact, their looks did not change for over a hundred issues.

When there was finally a major change to their look, guess which member of the team made the change?

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