'Human Torch' #1 dotComic now online

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Marvel's TSUNAMI DOTCOMIC week continued on Tuesday, February 18th with thedebut of a special 6-page preview of HUMAN TORCH, the April-launching newongoing series by fan-favorite writer Karl Kesel and artist Skottie Young,currently turning the heads of fans and retailers with his work onSPIDER-MAN: LEGEND OF THE SPIDER CLAN.

Created to appeal to FANTASTIC FOUR fans AND new readers alike, the HUMANTORCH series takes Johnny Storm - one of Marvel's most popular youngcharacters - and reestablishes him as the solo star of a highly accessibleand visually unique new monthly title.

While the series is set in present-day, the dotComic sequence shows Johnnyin high school, just after he got his powers, establishing Johnny as aperson BEFORE there even was a Fantastic Four.

Explained Karl Kesel, "It touches on something very basic to Johnny - thatbefore he got his powers, he was considered kind of cute and funny atschool, but definitely weird. He was always telling unbelievable stories -mostly about his sister's boyfriend's strange experiments and inventions -just to get attention.

"Becoming the Human Torch changed all that. But for all his coolness andconfidence and wisecracks, Johnny's big fear is that he'd be nobody withouthis powers. That's a side to Johnny we haven't seen before - and this serieswill show a LOT of sides to Johnny that readers don't yet know about."

The HUMAN TORCH preview can be read right now at http://dotcomics.marvel.com/lib/launchissue.php?issue=152&wsid=. Issue #1 goes on sale April 9th.

Look for a new April TSUNAMI dotComic preview every day this week.

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