Castle Rock: The Devil Isn't Just a Metaphor in New Hulu Trailer

Castle Rock

Hulu has debuted a new trailer for Castle Rock, the upcoming drama set within the universe of Stephen King's horror novels. In addition to setting the scene in King's cherished fictional small town, the new promo gives audiences a glimpse of some of the characters and mysteries they'll encounter.

Although many of King's 58 published novels have been adapted to film or television, Castle Rock draws its inspiration from the source material, and will collect various elements from the interconnected works rather than centering on any single source. The title comes from the town of Castle Rock, Maine, which King invented as a setting for his horror stories, including The Dead Zone, Cujo and Needful Things.

Fans of King's writing will enjoy seeing their favorites weaved into the ongoing narrative of the show, and their anticipation can get a kick-start from the nods within the trailer itself, such as the mention of Shawshank Prison and a newspaper headline referencing the rabid dog of Cujo.

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Rather than relying wholly on the source material's following, however, the Hulu original is taking pains to showcase a gloomy, tense atmosphere and the promise of some complicated relationships in the community of Castle Rock, not to mention a true King-caliber supernatural threat. The series follows a Shawhank prisoner (Bill Skarsgård, It) whose lack of a name or records casts a disturbing shadow in the trailer even before he begins issuing warnings of great evil at work. "I always thought the Devil was just a metaphor," utters Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn, Daredevil). "God help me, I did."

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Produced by J.J. Abrams, Castle Rock has King himself on board as an executive producer, and word is that the series stays true to his vision for the characters and world that he created. Viewers who have no interest in King's work may also be drawn in by the chills of well-crafted horror television. The show seems to be aiming for an epic scale, calling itself a "first-of-its-kind reimagining", which may open doors for spin-offs after the ten episodes of its first season have aired.

Castle Rock will premier on Hulu on July 25. Created by Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason and executive produced by Abrams, the show's cast includes Andre Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Melanie Lynskey, Scott Glenn, Sissy Spacek, Jane Levy and Terry O’Quinn.

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