"Hulk" Writer Greg Pak On Fanboy Radio This Sunday

Official Press Release

What's more intimidating that being responsible for the words that come out of Marvel Comics' most stoic and challenging character? Facing the world's most critical fanbase! Writer Greg Pak has tossed the 'Big Green Machine' into space with his massive, multi-arc Incredible Hulk series, Planet Hulk and now joins the crew at Fanboy Radio to answer questions and talk comics.

Greg's excited for the live hour saying, "The timing for the show's great, since I have three books on shelves this month -- "Battlestar Galactica" #1, "X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong" #1, and "Incredible Hulk" #98. We're doing some pretty crazy things with all of these books - looking forward to talking!"

Hosts Scott Hinze and David Hopkins welcome all of your calls and even provide extra incentive this week – a bigger caller prize pack! Everyone who makes it on the air, gets a FUNimation DVD like always – but this week, show sponsor ComicHole.com is also tacking on a $20 gift certificate for the first 5 fans on the air!

"And you better have a good question for Greg if you want the goods!" adds Hinze.

Tune in for Fanboy Radio #331 Sunday, September 10th, for Fanboy Radio with Greg Pak at 6pm Central (7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific)

Fanboy Radio broadcasts from http://www.fanboyradio.com , streams the latest episodes from http://www.myspace.com/fanboyradio and offers exclusive podcasts from http://www.fbrpc.com

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