'Hulk' trailer leaked on the Web

Since the Internet and the Web gained popularity with the public it's proven to be a useful tool for research, communication and shopping. It's changed the way people live their lives. The Web has also been a major pain at times for major film companies trying to keep details about their upcoming productions under wraps. Today was no exception.

According to Super Hero Hype the "Hulk" trailer set for its debut this Sunday during the Super Bowl was found on the official Universal Web site in a file directory. Word quickly spread and folks got their first look at the big green guy. Soon after word spread, though, Universal removed the trailers from their Web site, but as would be expected mirrors shot up around the Internet. The trailer is still available on the following sites:

"The Hulk" Super Bowl TV Spot - Mirror 2

To view the trailers, right click the link and click "Save Target As."

Since the reliability of the above mirrors is in question, we've provided a small selection of screen grabs from the 45 second commercial. Click the images below for an enlargement.

Finally, this trailer can be viewed during the first quarter of the Super Bowl this Sunday on ABC in the States and should be made available via the official Web site sometime shortly there after.

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