Comic Legends: Was The Hulk's Love, Jarella, Not Intended to Stay Dead?

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Hulk's love, Queen Jarella, was not meant to stay dead when she was killed off.


I'm Going With True

As noted in the previous legend, Incredible Hulk #140 was an iconic Hulk story that introduced Hulk to a microscopic world where he was treated like a king and where he met the beautiful Jarella, who fell in love with Hulk and wanted to marry him.

Of course, this being the Hulk, his life kind of sucks, so it did not work out...


The other Hulk writers all clearly loved this story, so Jarella kept coming back over and over again.

The last time came in Len Wein's run on the book, when he had Hulk encounter Jarella again in Incredible Hulk #202...

He brought her back to Earth with him and things were looking good, but, well, come on, this is the Hulk, his life sucks, so in Incredible Hulk #205, Jarella got the Captain Stacy treatment and saved a little kid from a bunch of bricks falling on him...

The Hulk tries to help her, but it is too late...

The Hulk went crazy looking for ways to cure her the next couple of issues but then things seemed to move on.


Wein left the series around Hulk #219 and that was that.

Wein, however, had not intended on leaving the book when he did (it was this whole complicated deal that resulted in him leaving Marvel for DC), so he had originally planned on bringing Jarella back to life.

He later told Back Issue magazine:

it was my intention that Jarella was not really dead. Being an alien species, what appeared to be death to us was in fact a step in what was to be her metamorphosis into a higher power. I never got a chance to bring her back before I left the title, and thus she’s remained dead.

If you look at the letter column for Hulk #209, it seems to support Wein...


You don't write "apparent" in a letter column if you don't have a plan, ya know?

So instead, Jarella's death got locked in as a "permanent" death.

It's fascinating to think of how much this would have affected the history of Hulk!

Thanks to the late, great Len Wein for the information!

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