In Incredible Hulk #102, the Hulk is leading a rebellion against the tyrant Red King, all in the name of freeing the people on the planet he now adores.

For better or worse, the Hulk is typically known for smashing…it’s kind of his thing. Anyway, after Earth’s heroes sent the Hulk into space and he landed on the planet Sakaar, in spite of all the hardships he endured while on the planet, the Hulk acquired a fondness for his

new home. He found a place to belong in the barbarian-esque battleword. It’s where he discovered love and forged everlasting friendships.

The Red King, pretty aware that he’s about to get overthrown, takes a page right of the ”if I can’t have it, no one can” handbook and triggers a doomsday device built to tear the planet apart by its tectonic plates. The Hulk steps in, doing what he does best, and utilizes his awesome strength to maximum effect in one of his most epic moments. Up until this point in the story arc, the Hulk had been going by the nickname the “World Breaker”. This time around, rather than breaking apart a planet, the Hulk dove into the lava-filled depths of the planet’s core and saved the world by keeping the plates of the planet together with nothing but raw strength. We don’t know the exact size of Sakarr, but it is larger than Earth and holding together a planet is still holding together a planet.


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