Comic Legends: Did the Hulk and Namor Almost Form Their Own Team?

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Hulk and Namor almost formed their own superhero team before the Defenders



In Marvel Premiere #1, Marvel debuted their most unusual superhero team of all (at the time), the Defenders, which involved throwing together three heroes who were very much known for being SOLO heroes, Doctor Strange, Namor and the Hulk...

These were also three of their most powerful heroes, and the team got even stronger when Silver Surfer joined up with them. However, as a team that was not an official team, the members naturally did not stick together for long and soon the team added more consistent members like Valkryie, Nighthawk and Hellcat to go with Doctor Strange and the Hulk.

The interesting thing, though, is that this was NOT the first time that Hulk and Namor were almost on a team together!

You see, after having his solo series canceled and the Hulk "cured," the Hulk returned to fight Giant-Man in Tales to Astonish #59, a series that starred Giant-Man and the Wasp...

But guess what, Giant-Man? We have some bad news for you, as the next issue saw Hulk take over half of the series!

However, we have some even WORSE news, Giant-Man, as he lost his feature ENTIRELY ten issues later, as Namor took over half of the book...

Here's the thing, though. Some time before the book split into both a Hulk book and a Namor book, Stan Lee had the idea that Namor and Hulk should form a team together! It was going to be called the Invaders. The idea was dropped and they were kept as separate solo heroes, although eventually they DID join together in the Defenders.

A few years later, though, when Roy Thomas was trying to pitch Stan Lee on Thomas' idea for a new superhero team set during World War II (a bit of a non-obvious sell at the time), Thomas remembered that Stan liked the name "Invaders" and so Thomas worked it into his pitch and so the Invaders were born!

Thanks to Roy Thomas for the information!

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