When the Hulk Parodied a Classic Super Bowl Commercial

This is a feature called "Win What's Never Been Won." This is about looking back at the history of comic book contests and showing who the winners were of the various contests (if we can tell who the winners are - I don't think anyone will ever know who won that Clark Bar Superhero Sweepstakes from the late 1970s).

Today, we look at the winners of a Hulk contest that resulted in a parody of a classic Super Bowl commercial.

Back in the 1990s, comic book sales were doing so well for Marvel that they actively did promotional tours where they would send the writers and artists on books around the country to promote their comics. In early 1990, Peter David and Dale Keown (who had just recently become the new artist on the series) were sent on a promotional tour called "Homecoming" (I guess because the green Hulk was returning around that time?).

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Anyhow, during the tour, they did a contest where a lucky fan could win a chance to meet the Hulk in a comic. They ended up choosing FIVE fans instead of just one.

The story appeared in Incredible Hulk Annual #17 in a story by (not listed, but presumably Peter David) and drawn by Ron Wagner, Mike Witherby and Al Milgrom. The winners were Leith Delaney, Shawn Hintzon, Tim Unglesbee, Frankie Kriysky and Charles Brownstein.

The story, of course, is a parody of the classic Super Bowl Coke commercial featuring the Pittsburgh Steeler's Mean Joe Greene...

Okay, folks, I am sure that you have suggestions for notable comic book contests! Heck, maybe you WON a notable comic book contest! That'd be awesome. I'd sure love to know who won that darn Clark Bar contest that no one can figure out (it might be the toughest mystery in comic book history)! Whatever the case may be, whether you just want to suggest a contest or if you won one, feel free to drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com and I'll see if I can't use your idea!

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