Hulking Good Looks: 20 Of The Best Hulk Looks, Ranked

The Hulk is one of Marvel's biggest characters, both metaphorically and literally. After Dr. Bruce Banner was exposed to gamma radiation, it gave him a complete alter ego rather than ending him on the spot. Since then, he has dealt with the duality of having a destruction-loving monster living inside of him. Having the Hulk always inside, ready to come out, has lent itself to some excellent stories. With the Hulk also being one of the most terrifying heroes in the Marvel Universe, the writers have taken the liberty of imagining different versions of the character, whether it be new forms of the Hulk introduced in main continuity or alternate versions seen in different realities. Whatever the case, there are many looks to the green giant in the comics that have been used to shock the readers as they explore new corners of the Marvel Universe.

However, the various versions of the Hulk are not all designed equally. With different color schemes and accents to their appearances, some versions of the Hulk look more impressive than others regardless of how well-written they are -- some just have better designs. With that out of the way, join CBR as we look at 20 different looks for the Hulk ranked. For this list, we are not pinning the Hulk to just Bruce Banner -- anyone else that can turn into a Hulk is fair game. Furthermore, this has nothing to do with their power levels, so a stronger Hulk doesn't necessarily mean they'll appear higher on this list.

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Coming in at the very bottom is the Totally Awesome Hulk. While there are a few problems with this character (even in the design department), there is something to be said about a different interpretation to the character. Considering that he is a young kid this time around, this is a Hulk that has yet to fully develop his rage, and it shows in his design.

That said, the hair and the smile don't fit the Hulk very well, so there is definitely room for improvement. The character would get a better look as his series went on, though, so it's not all bad news.


Skulk AMalgam

Deep in the Amalgam Universe, there existed a creature named Skulk. A combination of the Hulk from Marvel Comics and Solomun Grundy from DC Comics, this was a beast that was worth fearing. After Bruce Banner conducted an experiment that accidentally fused with with Solomon Grundy, the two became an entirely new creation.

The design is quite cool, but we have to say that it borrows heavily from Solomon Grundy more than the Hulk. It's a neat look, but one that doesn't benefit from the ability to have Hulk's features. It's played extremely safe, and that's why it ranks so low on our list.


In an alternate reality, Bruce Banner became the Sorcerer Supreme. Being extremely good with spells, he managed to take the Hulk persona out of his body and throw it into the depths of Hell. Unfortunately, Hulk didn't like that very much and eventually crawled his way out to wreak havoc. Having the appearance of a devil, he was known as Infernal Hulk.

This version of the Hulk is frightening from top to bottom. The horns, teeth, and pointed tongue add a lot to the look. Needless to say, it took a lot of different heroes to work together in order to stop this monster from destroying the world.


The Ultimate Universe imagined different versions of classic Marvel heroes. One character that had the biggest change was the Hulk. Sporting a gray look instead of a green one, this iteration of Bruce Banner was much more unstable than his Earth 616 counterpart. As a result, the Hulk was a savage monster who spent his days demolishing buildings.

His design is also nice, as it hearkens back to the early days of the character while providing some tweaks. The bright, green eyes are also a nice touch, as they draw the reader straight to the insane gaze of the terrifying Hulk.


There's not a lot to say about the "Marvel Zombies" universe that hasn't already been said. A zombie plague took over and all of its heroes, one by one, got turned into undead monsters. Easily the one most greatly affected by the virus was the Hulk, who had an insatiable hunger.

His design had to reflect this more gruesome persona. He had no pupils and his teeth were all messed up. Apart from those few tweaks, he wasn't that different from the classic Hulk that most people know and love. He was just a different, more sinister version -- and that was communicated with a handful of changes.


In "Old Man Logan," Wolverine's family was ended by the Hulk Gang. Because of this, he decided to travel to the leader of the Hulk Gang itself --  Dr. Bruce Banner, who had completely given into the Hulk persona. This version of the Hulk was several stories tall and and extremely massive, making him something to be feared.

There's something striking about the grotesque and detached appearance of this version of the Hulk. His affected his mental state to the point where he was nothing but a demented monster, considering that he ended up being one of the last of his kind for so long.


Thaddeus Ross was the father of Betty Ross, Bruce Banner's love interest. However, Ross had a massive hatred of the Hulk, and spent most of his life trying to hunt down and end the giant. It got to the point where he was unhealthily obsessed and desperate. In a cruel twist of irony, though, he would eventually become the very thing that he hated: the Red Hulk.

Red Hulk's design is about what you'd expect. He's the Hulk but red and black. Despite the simplicity in name and design, there's something mesmerizing about a red Hulk with bright yellow eyes.


Indestructible Hulk armor comics

There are a few times in Marvel Comics history where Bruce Banner and the Hulk begin to work together as a single entity. This led to a version of the Hulk known as the Indestructible Hulk, who was both brilliant and strong. He also decided to use his abilities and become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Being an agent also gave him armor that made him even stronger in battle. The design of Hulk wearing full-body armor is interesting in his own right, considering that he doesn't often do that. The armor adds enough newness to keep things interesting while not detracting from the visual impact of the Hulk.


The Hulk and Bruce Banner have always been represented as two minds living in the same body, constantly fighting for control over the other. That brings us to Earth X, where a different story was told. The Hulk and Bruce Banner were separate bodies that were intrinsically linked. Bruce Banner was young and blind, and could only see with the help of Hulk.

The design also better reflected this change. Hulk looked more like a gruff but lovable animal who was guiding Bruce everywhere he went. He was protective and soft, and we're immediately clued in by the design.


Before the Hulk became the classic green monster we all know and love, he debuted as a gray hero. However, the gray Hulk was a bit more refined than the green Hulk, making Banner not quite as disturbed as he would become later. The color was changed to green due to some ink problems with the gray, though- but that change was explained in-universe.

The Gray Hulk is a classic look that was chosen for a reason. It represented a duality between the more colored and structured Bruce Banner and the one-dimensional monster within. While the gray does become boring to look at after a while, it's still a nice design that's worth revisiting.


During the "House of M" storyline, a lot of the classic characters went through some serious changes to their history. Hulk ended up fleeing in the ocean due to being hunted frequently. He woke up in Australia, where he was cared for by the tribal Aboriginees. He was heralded as their protector and became their de facto leader of sorts.

Being the member of a tribe, Hulk was given a look with all sorts of tribal tattoos that provided nice contrast with his green skin. It was a look that we're sad wouldn't become used later on, as it was a welcome change of pace for the character.


In the "Age of Apocalypse" world, Bruce Banner worked tirelessly to try and master his more dangerous persona. Known as the Incredible Thing instead of the Hulk, Banner, with a deal from one of Apocalypse's goons, eventually found the key to being able transform back and forth at will. He kept his intelligence, but was still blinded by rage.

This gray design is much like the classic gray hulk, but it's varied in tone enough that it makes it stand out to us. Furthermore, the larger muscles make him look much more fearsome (the black eyes help in that area as well). Unfortunately, he was switched back to his green version later in the story.

8 HULK 2099

In the year 2099, most people are familiar with the Miguel O'Hara version of Spider-Man. However, there was another hero that went through a significant change, and that was the Hulk. In 2099, the Hulk was bonded with the Venom symbiote, becoming one of the scariest villains known to the Marvel Universe.

Hulk 2099 has an appropriately frightening design, complete with the long fingernails and tongue of Venom. The green of his skin seems to stand out more, with the blue shorts to offset it well. It's a powerful and well-executed version of a beloved hero. That said, such a combination is a recipe for disaster.


If you thought the Hulk was scary, wait until you hear that the Hulk has a Hulk named Kluh. In a move straight out of Hulk-ception, the Hulk once had a persona inside of himself that was triggered by extreme sadness. Kluh refers to the Hulk as "puny," and seems to be much more powerful as a result.

One of the most interesting pieces of Kluh is his design. Black and red skin with a white mohawk is a welcome change from the Hulk's standard colors. Not only does it set him apart, but it also leaves a much different impression than the Hulk.


The Captain Universe entity is one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe. Being able to bond with other lifeforms, certain characters can become powerful beyond all compare. Spider-Man was one of the most famous characters that wielded the power of Captain Universe. However, Bruce Banner was another person to be granted the power as well.

The resulting Uni-Power Hulk was not only one of the strongest Hulks to ever exist, but also one of the coolest-looking. Having bright blue skin and white pants offset the design more than enough to communicate that he was wielding a whole new type of power.


Mr Fixit Hulk

The gray Hulk was the first version of the character, but was retconned into being another persona of Bruce Banner. This Hulk was more cold and calculating than the green version. He was rough around the edges and full of angst, but also smart. He could manipulate his way through just about any situation and control things from behind the scenes, going as far as to take the identity of Joe Fixit and run his own operation.

Seeing the Hulk in a gangster-inspired suit is a fascinating appearance for the character. It shows that the Hulk is capable of more than just smashing, and it leaves a great impression as a result.



When the world was destroyed by a nuclear bomb, Hulk was one of the few Marvel heroes who survived. He decided the only way to protect the world was to rule it himself and recreate it in his own image. Having a lot of the deceased superheroes' equipment, Maestro became one of the greatest Hulk villains to ever exist.

Maestro's design is also close to perfection. Seeing Hulk with the bald head, white facial hair, and scars is more than enough to tell the audience that he's been through a lot. Then, the added arm bands and necklace hint to his status in this new future.


Wolverine and Hulk are two of the most durable characters in the Marvel Universe. What if they were combined into one entity? Weapon H was the result of experiments that combined the Weapon X program and Bruce Banner's gamma radiation to create something much more dangerous. Needless to say, they succeeded.

As ridiculous as it sounds on paper to combine Hulk and Wolverine, there's no denying how good the design is. The gray skin is accented by the massive silver claws, red eyes, and the blue shorts. He also has growths on his back that point to his experimental origins. He's a new type of Hulk and the Marvel Universe is afraid.


The Savage Hulk is the Hulk that we all know and love. After Marvel had to make the Hulk green, they decided to introduce it as a new side to Bruce Banner's personality. This green Hulk was known for being much more savage and destructive than his gray counterpart. He was referred to as the "Savage Hulk."

Despite the change to the grey design, there is something iconic about the green and purple that makes the character stand out from the rest of the Marvel heroes. It's a simple design, but one that easily gets the job done. Everyone knows this look.


Coming in at our number one pick for the best Hulk look is the Green Scar. This was the name given to the Hulk after he landed on Sakaar and fought in gladiator combat and came out on top. He was at equilibrium with himself and Bruce Banner, making him one of the smartest and toughest beings in the universe.

The Green Scar donned some new armor inspired by ancient Rome, and it went a long way to making the character feel even more threatening than before. When he returned to Earth dressed with this armor, the Marvel heroes were immediately struck by fear, knowing that the Hulk was on a completely new level. It takes everything we love about Hulk's design and improves on it.

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