Hulk, Hulk 2, Daredevil, Punisher and LXG: Comics2Film wrap for June 20, 2003


"The Hulk" will open big this weekend, according to Variety.The movie is opening on 6,000 screens in 3,661 theaters and conservativeestimates are calling for a $50 million box office.

However, with Hulk being one of most recognizable comic characters of time,thanks in large part to a fondly-remembered TV series, with ground-breakingeffects in the CGI leading man and with web buzz at fever pitch, the openingcould go well beyond that somewhat modest take.

Reviews for the movie have been fairly positive, review aggregator RottenTomatoes scores the movie 66% "fresh" based on 53 publishedreviews.

Genre site CHUDhas posted a second review of the film, this one from Smilin' Jack Ruby. Thatone is positive scoring the movie a 7.75 out of 10. Ruby writes, "So, thelong and short of it is this: Hulk is two movies. The first half is a long,tedious boring 'Outer Limits' episode written by Pen Densham that never seems toresolve itself. The second half is a kick-ass, extraordinary bit of actionfilmmaking written by 'Predator'-era Shane Black."

It's unlikely that "Hulk" will bust "Spider-Man's" boxoffice records but by the end of the weekend we should see how it stacks upagainst this year's C2F champ: "X2."

Tokick "Hulk" weekend off, Comics2Film drew winners in our toy giveaway.Thegood folks at Toy Biz dropped atrio of Hulk action figures on our doorstep earlier this month to hand out toyou loyal readers. Here are the winners:

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"Hulk" opens in theaters today but it's never too soon to talksequel. USAToday was at the Hollywood premiere on Tuesday and they chatted withproducer and screenwriter James Schamus.

Schamus told the national paper that the sequel could deal with emergence ofthe mean-spirited, grey Hulk. Furthermore, villains like The Leader and TheAbomination could make an appearance.

And is director Ang Lee on board for "Hulk 2?"

"Maybe," Lee told USA Today, but first, "I need to de-Hulkthis process."


The 2003 superhero movie season came in with a bang as Twentieth Century Foxand Marvel presented fans with "Daredevil," a movie that held thenumber one spot at the box office for two weeks in a row.

Now, in just over a month, fans will be able to take the man without fearhome in a 2-disc special edition DVD. The set is packed with features and Fox isgiving fans a chance to sample them online first.

Click the links below to try before you buy, then check back on Monday formore DD DVD news!


Windows MediaJennifer Garner and Ben Affleck work on their fight sceneHighLowHighLowBen Affleck talks about the trouble of working in wiresHighLow High LowJennifer Garner works on her movesHighLowHighLowJennifer Garner on learning Martial ArtsHighLowHighLowBen Affleck is fitted in a mold for the Daredevil suitHighLowHighLowBen Affleck gets ready for a mold of his headHighLowHighLowThe Making of DaredevilHighLowHighLowWorking on the look for DaredevilHighLowHighLow


The teaser trailer for "The Punisher" will be officially unveiledto the web today when PunisherTheMovie.com goes live.

However, if you can't wait that long, a video grab of the trailer that airedon Access Hollywood can currently be downloaded at TheMovie Box.

Thanks to Lauren for the scoop.


For 10new pictures from the upcoming "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"check out ComicsContinuum.


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