Hulk, Hellboy, Alien Legion, X2: Comics2Film wrap for June 16, 2003


Fans are set to Hulk out all over the world this week and Universal iscranking the publicity boom box up to 11.

First up is a selection of video clips for fans to enjoy. We've gotbehind-the-scenes footage from the recording of the single "Set MeFree" by the band made up of Scott Weiland, Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorumand Dave Kushner. Uni publicity claims the band is not named yet, but apparentlythey've gone by the working names "The Project" and"Reloaded" in the past.

We've also got some nice interview snippets from director Ang Lee, actor SamElliott (who plays General Thunderbolt Ross in the movie) and producer Gale AnneHurd. 

Finally there are a few of the spots you've been seeing on TV in the pastmonth. You'll need the Windows Media Player installed to view them:

In other "Hulk" news Varietyreports that video game fans will want to watch the movie closely, and possiblybring paper and a pencil with you. Passwords and unlock codes for the new"Hulk" video game will be found embedded in the movie.

"You may see a license plate in the movie and that will be a code toopen up areas in the game," Vivendi Universal Games chief Luc Vanhal toldVariety.

One of the goodies fans will be able to unlock in the game is the gray Hulk.

On Wednesday night, "Hulk" enthusiasts can tune in for abehind-the-scenes special on SCI FI Channel. According to SCIFI Wire "Hulk: The Lowdown" airs June 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 

The film's co-stars, Sam Elliott and Josh Lucas, will host the special, whichwill feature on-set interviews with director Ang Lee and stars Eric Bana andJennifer Connelly.

The Lowdown will also include never-before-seen footage from the film, takeviewers inside effects house Industrial Light & Magic and feature aninterview with comic-book legend Stan Lee.



"Hellboy" continues to invade the web, with movie sites convergingon the Prague set.

Counting Down continues to provide the best coverage. Last week they posted agreat interview with director Guillermo del Toro. They followed that with acouple of nice chats with starRon Perlman and special effects guru MikeElizalde of Spectral Motion.

If it's more cool pictures you want, click over to Ain't-it-cool-newswho posted additional frame grabs from the licensing video tape, including anumber of nice shots of Abe.

Finally, Nick Nunziata continues his Prague travelogue with part3 online now. So far there're no juicy "Hellboy" tidbits, but Nickpromises they are coming.



In an message to the AlienLegion e-mail group, comic creator Carl Potts gave fans an update on theplanned "Alien Legion" animated TV show. 

The show, based on the fondly remembered Marvel/Epic comic from about tenyears ago, is in development with Mainframe animation. Mainframe is well knownfor their CGI cartoons, including the upcoming "Spider-Man" show.

According to Potts, the creative forces behind the show have finished thepitch bible of the series and are now taking it out to "potential U.S.broadcast partners."

The reaction has reportedly been positive so far. "Itis, unfortunately, a slow process with lots of small steps," Potts wrote.

In a follow-up e-mail, Potts also told "Alien Legion" fans that heis still working to set the property up as a feature film.

"I retained the live action feature film rights in my deal withMainframe and

hope to get a movie project up an running when the timing is right," Pottswrote. "I firmly believe that 'Alien Legion' can spawn a number of greatfeature films and become a major film franchise. 

"Getting those who pull the triggers in Hollywood to on board is notalways easy!"

In the mean time, readers can look for additional "Alien Legion"trade paperbacks due out this year.  U.K. publisher Titan just signed withPotts to release volumes collecting the "On The Edge" and "Tenants From Hell"story arcs.

Finally, Potts told fans that he's open to the idea of publishing additionalcomics based on the property, but wants to find the right opportunity to do so.



"X2: X-Men United" remains a top 10 movie in its seventh week ofrelease, according to the latest estimates published by BoxOffice Mojo.

The Marvel mutants came in at #10 this weekend and now have a domestic tallyof about $207.2 million. This may be the last week in the top 10 for Charlie'sgifted youngsters, with "The Hulk" poised to smash the competition onFriday.



Comics2Filmhas teamed up with Devil'sDue Publishing to give fan artists a chance to see their artwork inprint. 

We're looking for a few good pencil and inkgurus to work up a faux cover for the "G.I. Joe" comic. The top threeentries will be published in the pages of upcoming Devil's Due comics.

We'vejust launched the contest, so there's still plenty of time to enter. Click overto the Comics2Film.comwebsite for complete details and official rules. Then draw that cover!



ArtisanEntertainment can't stop the punishment!

They've already provided ten posters for Comics2Film readers in our currentlyin progress giveaway. Now the studio has ponied up five t-shirts promoting themovie as well.

So we're expanding the drawing once again with a new prize structure: Onegrand prize winner will get both a poster and a t-shirt. Nine individual winnerswill get a poster. Four individual winners will get t-shirts.

If you've already entered, you don't need to do anything else. 

If you haven't entered yet, we'll be taking names from now until June 22 (right around the time that theofficial website officialwebsite launches). Just fill out the simple entry form on Comics2Film.comfor your chance to win! 



Get ready to Hulk out!

Thegood folks at Toy Biz and Comics2Film are teaming up to give you a chance tobring jade-jaws home. Enter our giveaway and you can win one of three"Hulk" action figures, based on the upcoming movie.

We're accepting entries from now until June 19 (the day before the big movieopening). Just fill out the simple entry form on Comics2Film.comfor your chance to win!

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