Has Hulk Ever Been Knocked Out?

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Reader Dave B. asked:

I have a question regarding the Hulk. Has he ever been knocked out? I don't mean defeated by magic (Dr. Strange), gas, or by somebody such as the Silver Surfer turning him back into Bruce Banner. I mean, has he ever been knocked out by brute force?

Dave is right that, most commonly, when the Hulk is defeated, it is not through just brute force. Usually there is some sort of, if not MAGICAL element, usually something other than just force. Typically something involving the Hulk's mind. Or when he HAS been defeated, it has been when he was in a less powerful version of himself (like the grey Hulk or the merged Hulk).

In any event, yes, there have been a number of times when this has happened, but since Dave just asked IF it has happened, then I really only need to show one occasion to prove that it HAS happened, so let's go with one of my favorites. In Iron Man #131-132 (by Bob Layton, David Michelinie and Jerry Bingham), Tony Stark and Bruce Banner team up for the first time to try to cure Banner's whole "turning into the Hulk" deal. They fail and Iron Man has to fight the rampaging Hulk and ultimately uses all of his armor's resources to throw it into one single, super punch...

A truly iconic moment.

So there ya go, Dave! The Hulk HAS been knocked out via pure brute force.

Thanks for the question, Dave! If anyone ELSE has a question they'd like to see me address, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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