That Time Electro Defeated the Hulk With a Single Electro-Blast

Omega the Unknown was a strange comic book series by Steve Gerber, Mary Skrenes and Jim Mooney that saw a boy lose his parents in a car accident, only to learn that his parents were actually robots who were built to keep track of him. The car accident that revealed their robotic identities also left him in a coma. He had a dream of a powerful being from a far off planet fighting off a robotic invasion and that same being then showed up on Earth to rescue the boy, James-Michael Starling, from an attack from the same robotic beings from his dream! But then James-Michael stopped the robots with an energy blast from his own hands! Clearly, there was some connection between James-Michael and Omega, but the series not last long enough for Gerber and Skrenes to explain it (Steven Grant later had to come up with something, but it was clearly not what Gerber and Skrenes had in mind, although it certainly did the job Grant was asked to do, which was wrap up Omega the Unknown after it was abruptly canceled. I'll probably feature it in a future Wrap it Up edition).

Anyways, he was then fostered by two women. In the second issue, the super-powered alien being, Omega, meets the Hulk and then their fight is interrupted by Electro, who is working with a living robot to kidnap Omega. So Electro has to take both Omega and Hulk out right away, which he somehow does with a single blast to each character's respective head!

No offense to Electro, but it makes no sense that he'd be able to knock the Hulk out of the action like that. Yes, it is true that we see that the Hulk wasn't literally rendered unconscious, but that's effectively what happened.

See what happened when he was hit by an energy blast powerful enough to affect the orbit of a planet in Tales to Astonish #89...

One blast to the head by Electro is unlikely going to knock him to his feet like that.

Amusingly, the Hulk and Electro fought again years later -- the rematch did not go well for Electro...

What's funny is that I think that that rematch is a case of Electro not doing well ENOUGH against the Hulk. Electro is not exactly a powerhouse (at least not at the time), but he likely should get a LITTLE bit of a reaction from the Hulk after pouring that much energy into him. It's a far cry from a single zap and the Hulk dropping to the ground.

It really just looks like Gerber and Skrenes just saw the ending of their story creep up on them and catch them by surprise, leading to them to quickly coming up with a way to get the Hulk out of the story. "Oh, let's say that Electro zaps him and that's that."

Okay, that's it for this installment of The Wrong Side! Thanks to Fraser for the suggestion! If anyone else has an idea for a comic book fight that you think was resolved the "wrong" way, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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