Hulk, Daredevil, X2, Conan and more: Comics2Film wrap for August 7, 2003


Fans of the old live-action "Hulk" TV show hit the jackpot when themovie came out in may. Three DVD collections (from three different publishers)were released at that time, giving fans a chance to add five of the featurelength episodes of the show to their DVD collection.

Today, DVDAnswers reports that Universal plans to extend the DVD library of the showwith "The Incredible Hulk: The Television Series Ultimate Collection."

Due in stores October 21st, "Ultimate Collection" will be a sixdisc set collecting what looks to be 12-18 episodes of the old series. Completedetails have not been disclosed but DVD Answers reports that the suggested priceis $69.98, each episode will be presented in 1.33:1 full frame with accompanyingDolby Digital 2.0 Mono tracks.

DVD Answers promises more details as they become available.

Current "Hulk" TV series product on the DVD market includes:"The Incredible Hulk Collection" from Anchor Bay, featuring two Hulkmovies which guest star Daredevil and Thor, "The Death of the IncredibleHulk" from Fox and "The Incredible Hulk: Series Premiere" fromUniversal, which contains the feature-length pilot episode and thefeature-length "Married" episode.

"The Hulk" DVD, bringing this year's big-budget feature home, isdue out on October 28th.



"Daredevil" is a hit on the home video market according to today's HollywoodReporter

The Marvel movie has collected $55 million in grossrental and sell-through revenue during its first five days in release on VHS andDVD according to industry sources.

The numbers are especially good considering studio wisdom warns againstreleasing home video product in the summer when video sales and rentals aretypically at their slowest because of good weather and increased travel.



Aslong as we're on the subject of DVDs DVDAnswers has the "X2: X-Men United" box art on display. This newpiece is said to be the region one artwork we'll see in stores come November.



Arnold Schwarzenegger is a running man. On the sixth day ofAugust the actor announced he was joining the race for California governor,seeking to replace democrat Gray Davis in a total recall.

This could mean some collateral damage to the actor's career, shouldhe succeed in taking the political post. Specifically it may mean that Arnoldwill bow out of already struggling projects like "King Conan: Crown ofIron" and "Doc Savage."

No doubt many fans (and likely some California voters) will view this as a rawdeal



WakefieldToday in the U.K. reports that "2000AD" artist Stewart 'Staz'Johnson, is working on a comic book version of "Spider-Man 2."Presumably this will be the comic adaptation of the movie.





SCIFI Wire recently chatted with Selma Blair about her role as pyrokinetic government agent Liz Sherman in theupcoming "Hellboy."

Blair said she learned from "Hellboy's" creator that her characteralmost had a short career in the comics. Creator Mike Mignola "would kind of joke aroundlike, 'Well, I don't know how to draw pretty girls. I draw monsters. I nearlykilled you off,'" Blair told SCI FI, adding that the character figuresprominently in the movie.

Being a pyrokinetic isn't all it's fired up to be. Blair said, "I feel like a complete drip on set acting likeI'm on fire, and there's nothing there. It's funny. I kind of thought, 'God, I'dreally like there to be some effects on set, because I feel very self-conscious,acting as if I'm burning up the world.'"

For more of Blair's comments on "Hellboy" check out thecomplete interview.



Sources at Caliber Comics told Comics2Film recently that film options on boththe "Deadworld/King Zombie" and "Level X" have expired.

Our source tells us that there has been activity on other Caliber titles andannouncements will be made as things solidify.

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