Hulk Busters: 20 Weapons That Can Destroy The Incredible Hulk

Incredible Hulk The End Bruce Banner Death

When it comes to heavy hitters in the Marvel Universe, there's not much point looking any further than the big green man himself, the Incredible Hulk. Ask any fan of the comics or movies and there is little doubt they will point to the angry green giant as the strongest character whose ability to grow stronger only depends on how angry he becomes. Most would argue that there isn't a power in the Marvel Universe capable of bringing down the Hulk, but when you dig through the forty-plus years of comics, cartoons and films depicting him, it turns out the Hulk has fallen on more than one occasion. Granted, anytime a popular comic book hero dies, they tend to get right back up again, but that doesn't negate the fact that somebody, somewhere took them out.

Over the years, several characters have found a way to put down the Hulk, but this list moves away from the people and takes a look at the various weapons, devices and magical artifacts capable of slaying the Hulk. Looking into the Marvel Universe's vast arsenal of devices, there truly aren't many that could put down a rampaging Hulk. The items listed here either were used in the books to take down the Hulk or they theoretically could if they were used against him. Of all the things Marvel has created, only these 20 could/would/have taken down the toughest, strongest and most invincible character throughout the Marvel Universe. If we missed one you think could do the deed, shout out in the comments and let us know what you think could possibly slay the Hulk!

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Sometimes, taking out the Hulk means going after Bruce Banner. It makes sense when you think of it... putting Banner on ice means the Hulk has no way of coming around. This theory was put to test during in Civil War II thanks to a well-placed arrow shot from Hawkeye's bow.

Believe it or not, Banner was mortally wounded by a simple arrow shot directly into his head by Hawkeye. It was revealed that Banner asked him to do this, but Hawkeye still went on trial over the whole "shooting a guy in the face" thing. This may be more of a skill of Hawkeye's than a particular thing (the arrow), but when push came to shove, it was a simple arrow that did in the Hulk, albeit in Banner form.


Speaking of a well-placed arrow, a bullet will do the trick in some storylines. Normally, the Hulk would stop a bullet from taking Banner's life, but when the Punisher decided to take out all the heroes in The Punisher K***s The Marvel Universe, it was a bullet to the head that did the deed. Punisher decided it was time to put down the Hulk after witnessing him rampage.

He tagged him with a tracking device and waited for the Hulk to settle down. When he arrived, he found a sleeping Banner whom he quickly sniped in the head. In this story, the Hulk didn't stop the bullet in any way, which means that in some cases, all it takes to stop the Hulk it the same thing it takes to stop everyone else: a bullet to the head.


Tony Stark likes to make different types of armor for different reasons. He has special armor for entering into the deep sea, one for the deepest depths of space and another many are familiar with designed to stop the Hulk. The armor was designed from top to bottom with the goal of stopping a rampaging Hulk you know it's capable of dealing some damage.

In the comics, Tony has used the Hulkbuster Armor on several occasions to put down his angry green buddy. One of the most notable uses came in the MCU when Tony was forced to stop the Hulk from tearing apart a city in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It took some doing, but he finally found a way to beat the Hulk into submission.


There aren't many things in the universe capable of cutting the Hulk's skin, but one that has always been able to slice and dice him has been Adamantium. That miraculous metal has seen its fair share of Hulk blood over the years thanks to the constant scuffles between the Hulk and Wolverine. In most cases, the Hulk's healing factor takes care of the damage he is dealt from those claws, but not always...

In Old Man Logan, Wolverine angers the Hulk enough that he picks him up and eats him. While inside, Logan heals up and slices his way out of the behemoth, aged Hulk resulting in his untimely demise. It seems Wolverine could have decapitated him earlier in their respective careers, but this was the time he truly tore through the big guy.


The Muramasa Blade Marvel Comics

Adamantium claws aren't the only bladed weapons capable of slashing the Hulk's otherwise impenetrable skin, the Muramasa Blade would certainly meet that challenge as well. The blade was originally designed and forged using a portion of Wolverine's very soul. Muramasa forged it saying it would be "mighty blade -...- against which all... even one as great as you... will fall."

Wolverine wielded the sword, but it eventually became something that could be used against him if needed thanks to its ability to negate his healing power. Wolverine believes this to be the only thing that could ever put him down permanently. If used against the Hulk, it would likewise negate his healing power and could be used to decapitate him. Since it cuts down to the molecular level, this seems entirely plausible though it hasn't happened in the books.


In the Ultimate Universe, Nerd Hulk is essentially Bruce Banner in the Hulk's body, but is stronger than '90s merged Hulk. He turned into a vampire and became the leader of a horde of the undead after taking out their original master. Not only was the Nerd Hulk a Hulk, he was also a living vampire, which made him a pretty dangerous foe... or so he thought.

In an attack on the Triskelion, Nerd Hulk ends up taking down Perun, a Thor impersonator, but just as things are going well for him Captain America uses Perun's hammer to transport everyone to Iran (where the sun is rising). As a vampire, Nerd Hulk and the gang don't do well in direct sunlight, which gave Cap the opportunity to do him in with a well-placed blow decapitating him with his fallen comrade's hammer.


Iron Man 2 Thor Hammer Mjolnir

There are many enchanted weapons in the Marvel Universe, but few are as powerful and well known as Mjolnir. The hammer is enchanted such that nobody but Thor, or one who is deemed worthy, can lift it. Over the years, Thor and the Hulk have fought many times and Thor can stand up to the Hulk with or without his hammer, but when he has it, he tends to take the advantage.

The Hammer's magical properties help to go up against a foe like the Hulk, but it also helps to focus Thor's powers as well. He could beat the Hulk with it until he turns his head into soup, but he could also stick it on top of him and leave him there forever. In the right hands, Mjolnir is easily a dangerous weapon for anyone, the Hulk included.



Yes, that Excalibur. The famed sword of King Arthur exists in the Marvel Universe and thanks to some time travel shenanigans, it has found its way to the present where an angry Bruce Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk. The legendary sword isn't solely a mark of office deeming whoever wields it the true ruler of England, it also has the ability to cut through anything.

Nobody is wielding Excalibur against the Hulk in the comics, but if someone were to pick it up and use it to remove his head from his shoulders, nobody would be surprised it could be done. Excalibur can literally cut through anything, including the Hulk.


The Tactigon is an alien weapon that found its way to Earth to become bonded with Violet Lightner making her the superhero, Armory. This unique, Omega-Level Weapon can only be used when it bonds to someone, but when it does, it becomes a major threat to anyone it's pointed at. The Tactigon has the ability to recreate itself to suit any purpose, which means it becomes whatever it needs to become to take on a threat.

Just pointing this at the Hulk means the gun determines what the Hulk's weakness is and modifies itself to exploit that weakness. That could mean it shoots off a "calming ray" to relax him into Banner or shoots something to negate Gamma Radiation, but whatever it decides to do would certainly spell the end for the Incredible Hulk.


The Staff of One is a strange magical weapon used through a form of blood magic. It's an incredibly dangerous weapon that allows its user to cast any spell imaginable, but only once. Using it to cast the same spell twice can be chaotic and a nuisance, which is why it's important to learn multiple languages so a spell can be used again, but by saying the words in a foreign tongue.

If a powerful sorcerer were to engage the Hulk with the Staff of One as their primary weapon, there is little the Hulk could do to stop it. Like Superman, he has no immunity to magic, which means he would be susceptible to whatever dangerous curses might come his way. He could be teleported to the heart of a star or explode from within with the right phrase.



The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak is an artifact that gives powers to anyone who touches it. It is often associated with the person who originally gained power from it, Cain Marko, aka the Juggernaut. While wearing the mystical armor granted to him via the Gem, Juggernaut has gone up against the Hulk several times though they are relatively evenly matched.

They have traded wins and losses, but if the Juggernaut were fully empowered by the Gem and not only given a portion of its power, he could easily defeat the Hulk. He was given this power when he became the Trigon Juggernaut, which put him in a class all his own. Taking on the Hulk with that much power wouldn't have been a challenge, which makes the Gem one of the most powerful mystical artifacts in the Marvel Universe.



The Marvel Universe has more than one weapon called the Odinsword with the original weapon being a gigantic sword said to bring about Ragnarok were it ever unsheathed. When Asgard went to war with the Celestials, Odin suited up in some armor we will get to in a bit and took the sword along for the ride, but not before enchanting it further with all the souls of Asgard.

He then used the sword to slash a Celestial, but he was unable to do more than wound the space god with the sword. While it failed to take down a Celestial, it did succeed in breaking through its armor and wounding it. With that in mind, it stands to reason Odin could slash the Hulk to pieces with a swipe of the blade had the Celestial Arishem not melted it down.


Another important sword in the Marvel Universe has what has to be the coolest name ever given a blade, All-Black The Necrosword is a weapon designed for the sole purpose of slaying a god. It was wielded by a fellow named Gorr the God Butcher who hated all gods and made it his mission in life to destroy them all, anywhere he could find them.

When a god is slain by the sword, it increases in power. Galactus is afraid of it and while the Hulk isn't a god, he would certainly fall were it used against him. There wouldn't be any real defense against the blade itself and seeing as the Hulk isn't good at fencing, there's not much he could do to keep it from taking him out.


The special armor previously mentioned when discussing Odin is, in and of itself, an incredibly powerful weapon. The Destroyer Armor is a sentient suit of armor made of the same mystical metal as Mjolnir and many other Asgardian weapons. A version of the Destroyer Armor was seen in the first Thor film, but in the comics, it's far more powerful and dangerous than moviegoers have seen.

One of its primary weapons is a beam of intense energy it can project at an enemy to destructive effect. It is said that these blasts are powerful enough to shatter planets and it also can be used to transmute any substance in the universe. This means that if it were blasted right at the Hulk, it could conceivably transmute his impenetrable skin into nothing and disintegrate him... and everything in the vicinity.



The Power Cosmic is a bit more abstract than the other items on this list, but when you get right down to it, it's a weapon as much as any of these other items. The Power Cosmic is a poorly defined ability imbued within Galactus that enables him to do pretty much anything imaginable. It's essentially a god power he can use to form things, destroy whatever he wants and even grant that power to others.

The Silver Surfer is a famous recipient of the Power Cosmic and there have been several occasions when he has used it against the Hulk in the comics. He has even used his surfboard to whack the Hulk in the face, knocking him unconscious. Compared to the Power Cosmic, the Hulk is as puny as the humans he wants to leave him alone.


While many people think the Tesseract from the MCU is a Cosmic Cube, the truth is that was merely a vessel for an Infinity Gem. In the comics, the Cosmic Cube is an artifact that has the power to control matter and energy. Whoever wields one is capable of pretty much anything imaginable as it functions much like a wish-fulfilling device.

The Cube is an Omega Class Weapon and its capabilities are endless. It can recreate reality and do literally anything a person wielding it imagines. If someone using it went up against the Hulk, they could simply wish him out of existence, turn him into a granite statue or make him into a mouse they stomped with their boot.



The Ultimate Nullifier is a device originally found on Galactus' vessel, which was used to stop the World Devourer from consuming the planet Earth. When it was first wielded against him by Reed Richards, Galactus recoiled in fear as it is the one device truly capable of defeating him. It may not look like much, but this small, palm-sized device can do... or rather, undo anything in existence.

As the name implies, the Ultimate Nullifier can nullify the existence of anything, anywhere. If a powerful mind were to wield it against the Hulk, he could simply be undone from the Marvel Universe. With a thought, he would no longer exist in any way imaginable, which makes this one of the ultimate weapons in the Marvel Universe.


The Infinity Gauntlet has been shown in the MCU to wreak havoc against the entirety of that universe's heroes. Its abilities are unmatched by anything else seen on the screen and it was famously used by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War to cull half of all life from existence. The Hulk/Bruce Banner survived that culling, but had he been one of the 50% randomly chosen, there's nothing he could have done to stop it.

In the comics, the gauntlet functions in much the same way, but has been used in more creative ways against various foes. If used directly against the Hulk, he could be transported to the end of the universe or simply turned into a bowl of Jello. There's no real defense against it and nothing the Hulk could do to stop his demise.


With so many Omega Level weapons in the Marvel Universe, there doesn't seem to be anything that could top the Infinity Gauntlet... But, then there's the Heart of the Universe. It is THE most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe and instead of granting its wielder power like the Cosmic Cube of the Infinity Gauntlet, it turns the wielder into power by granting them the powers of the Supreme Being of the Marvel Universe.

Essentially, it turns the wielder into Stan Lee, aka the god of the Marvel Universe. Whoever wields it becomes all matter and energy in the universe simultaneously, which gives them the power to turn the Hulk into a cloud of gas or anything else they desire. Defeating the Hulk with The Heart of the Universe is little more than a thought.


Incredible Hulk The End Bruce Banner Death

Believe it or not, the Hulk can be done in with a Heart Attack... sort of. In the one-shot, Hulk: The End, we see the Hulk living as the last person on a planet Earth inhabited by giant, radioactive cockroaches and a completely destroyed civilization. The only other person alive is Bruce Banner, but he has grown old and decrepit within the Hulk. This version of the Hulk is seemingly immortal, but Banner is another story.

In the end, Banner suffers a myocardial infarction, otherwise known as a heart attack. It isn't lethal to the Hulk, but the event suggests that were the Hulk to ever revert to Banner's form, he would follow him in demise. It's a bit of a stretch, but it definitely seems a heart attack could result in the Hulk's end in a roundabout sort of way.

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