Hulk battles Man-Thing in newly shared image from legendary George Pérez

George Pérez, beloved for his work on "The New Teen Titans," "Wonder Woman," "Avengers," "Crisis on Infinite Earths," "JLA/Avengers," and "Infinite Crisis," must be in the giving spirit, because the artist has taken to sharing rarely seen images birthed by his pen on his Facebook page, including this gorgeous one featuring the Incredible Hulk squaring off against the Fearsome Man-Thing.

Pérez said in a post that the image is from six years ago, and shows the illustrator at the height of his intricately detailed powers. Seemingly set in Man-Thing's home turf--the swamp--while the image is uncolored, the characters and backdrop evoke green so strongly you can practically hear Kermit's ode to the hue.

Pérez has recently taken to sharing little-seen art to fans via his Facebook page--last week releasing comic artwork that featured the world of "Star Wars"--while including personal insights into the work.

"I must admit that even I'm a bit awed with my detail work here. Those were the days before my eye surgeries and general downturn with my vision. While I've proven to myself that I can still do some pretty intricate detail work now, somehow, I can't help but remember just how much easier it was then," Pérez noted in his Hulk/Man-Thing post.

This is another picture I'm not sure I ever posted since it was drawn six years ago, around the time I first got on to...

Posted by George Pérez on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Beset by ocular issues that have affected his ability to draw since 2013, the work from Pérez shows that great artists always have more to give.

For those bit by Pérez's generosity bug, it's never a bad time to consider giving back to the comic creators responsible for readers' joy via donation to The Hero Initiative or the CBLDF.

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