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Want to know more about the upcoming Hulk DVD? DVDAnswers has the...er...you know.

Here'swhat to expect on the two-disc set:

Disc One:

  • English Dolby Digital5.1 Surround Track 
  • French Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Track 
  • Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Track 
  • Audio Commentary with Director Ang Lee 
  • Hulk Cam: Inside the Rage Featurette 
  • Superhero Revealed: The Anatomy of the Hulk Featurette 
  • Various Deleted Scenes 
  • Cast and Filmmaker Bios 

Disc Two:

  •  Hulkification Featurette
  • Evolution of The Hulk Featurette 
  • The Incredible Ang Lee Featurette 
  • The Making of Hulk Featurette 
  • The Dog Fight Scene 
  • Ang Lee Editing Style 
  • DVD-ROM Features

DVD Answers reports that the home video release of the movie is slated forOctober 28th. Widescreen and full screen editions will be released separately.The MSRP is said to be $26.98.

Thanks to John Steed for the lead.



London's Metrotalked to Batman director Chris Nolan about the upcoming revival.Sadly, the filmmakers are under tight gag orders for the movie. 

Whenasked what his vision for the movie was, Nolan told Metro, Er, bloody marvelous?I can't. It's absolutely, excruciatingly top secret.

Other than thatNolan was able to divulge that the development effort is going Fantastic.I'm having the time of my life.

When asked what stage he was at withBatman, Nolan responded, Very early stages, which is whereit's tremendous fun. I'm getting to watch my vision of the world of 'Batman.' Todo that and get paid for it is brilliant.

While it may or many not applyto his take on the caped crusader, Nolan had this to say about filmmaking,I think there is a tendency, particularly in Hollywood, to underestimatekids and the way in which they respond to narratives. I think that if you showsomething incredible and take them to a different world, you don't necessarilyhave to be telling them the clearest or most obvious story.

Nolan haspreviously directed the acclaimed thrillers Memento andInsomnia. He is now developing Batman withBlade filmmaker David Goyer writing the script. TheirBatman project is said to be more of a direct sequel to the previousfilms and not the much-talked-about Year One, Vs.Superman or Beyond takes that have been previously developed.



You can add Teen Titans to the list of successful TV showsspinning out of the pages of DC Comics. 

Cartoon Network has announced that, as of July, it is #1 network in primetime delivery of kids 6-11 (691,000) and kids 2-11 (1,097,000) for four monthsrunning.

The recently launched Teen Titans has helped bring in theyoungster demos for the network. Airing Saturdays at 9 p.m. Titansclaimed the following ratings achievements:

  • Versus its premiere last week, the second episode (July 26) grew kids 2-11 delivery (1,208,000) by 22% and rating (2.0) by 20%. Among kids 6-11, delivery (780,000) increased by 4% and rating (3.2) by 7%. Girls 2-11 delivery (249,000) improved by 54% and ratings (1.3) by 63%. Girls 6-11 delivery (131,000) jumped by 62% and rating (1.1) by 57%.
  • Versus the same time period in 2002, the two episodes telecast to date have increased kids 2-11 delivery (1,101,000) by 19% and rating (2.8) by 22%. Kids 6-11 delivery (764,000) grew by 36% and ratings (3.1) by 35%.



Marvel is making movies. DC isn't. The critical element, which Marvel has andDC lacks, may be Avi Arad, someone who understands the business of making moviesand appreciates strengths of the stable of characters and concepts that thecomic publisher controls.

That may soon change as Warner Bros./DC Comics has been aggressively lookingfor their own Avi to start helping the likes of Superman, Batman and WonderWoman gracefully transition to the big screen. 

Want the job? Check out this joblisting from the AOL Time Warner Website:    

Posting Job Title

 SVP Media Development

AOLTW Division

DC Comics


New York - New York - United States

Requisition #

Position Type

Full Time

Posting Job Description

DC Comics seeks an SVP Media Development for the Media Development department.

Position establishes relationships with the creative community in film and television. Offers media licenses for sale utilizing the intrinsic value of the properties and the potential value of talent attached to them. Works with internal (WB and New Line) licensees to ensure successful project completion. Performs other related duties as required.


Bachelor's degree in film production preferred, but not required. Relationships with television and film producers required. Familiarity with DC characters and properties required. Understanding the development and production of television and film programming required. 7-10 years experience in television or film development or production required.

Followthe link to submit your resume!



ToonZone reports that an easter egg has been discovered on the new Batman:The Animated Series - Out of the Shadows DVD.

According to that site, fans can access the hidden feature by going to'Arkham Asylum Tour' and immediately pressing up on the remote control. A redbat-symbol will appear. Press Enter. 

The easter egg turns out to be a short clip of Paul Dini discussing thecreation of Harley Quinn.



If you're looking for DVD easter eggs, be sure to check out Comics2Film'sreview of the Daredevil DVD. We've mapped out one easter egg onthat collection, as well as a handy reference for other special features.

Also,C2F has drawn the winners in our DVD giveaway. 20thCentury Fox provided five copies of the two-disc set. Without further ado, the recipientsof those free DD DVDs are:

Chris P of Cary, NC

Michael D of Methuen, MA

Craig S of Wheeling, IL

Matt B of Memphis, TN

Ted H of Madison, MS

Thanks to Fox for providing the prizes and to the 2200+ peoplewho entered the giveaway.  TheDaredevil DVD is in stores now.

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