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A Smashing Look: 15 Incredible Hulk And She-Hulk Cosplays

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A Smashing Look: 15 Incredible Hulk And She-Hulk Cosplays

Cosplay is an increasingly popular hobby for a lot of comic book fans. Dressing up as your favorite superhero or supervillain has even turned into a full-time job for some people. Even though it may seem easy, cosplay is definitely not all fun and games. If you want your cosplay to look authentic you’re going to have to invest copious amounts of time, money and effort into your creation. Of course, there are some characters who are rather easy to cosplay and others who are a bit more demanding. The Incredible Hulk undoubtedly falls within the latter category.

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Throughout the years, even movie studios have struggled with making their live-action Hulk look as awesome as his comic book counterpart. However, no matter how impossible cosplaying as The Hulk may seem, it has never stopped hardcore fans from blowing us away with their creative designs. Bringing The Hulk to life without the luxury of CGI can be a daunting and fastidious task. Therefore, it is almost unbelievable what these talented people were able to do with hard work and dedication. We have seen everything from costume building to bodypainting. So, get ready to have your mind blown, because we have 15 pieces of smashingly creative Hulk cosplay just for you.


Aurel BockNelson, known as phonyghost on Instagram is a professional cosplayer and make-up artist from Portland, Oregon. Aside from She-Hulk, Aurel has cosplayed as a number of other characters, such as Morticia Adams, Batgirl and Jessica Rabbit. And when she’s not cosplaying, Aurel makes make-up tutorial videos on her YouTube channel.

For this particular She-Hulk cosplay, Aurel was going for an ‘80s look. According to the artist, she wanted to make an homage to the year She-Hulk was created and John Byrne’s interpretation of Sensational She-Hulk. Hence, the colorful and bright aerobic attire in the true spirit of the ‘80s. Well, we certainly think Aurel’s She-Hulk looks rather sensational in her exercise get-up. Besides, this may just be the cutest version of She-Hulk we’ve ever seen.


North East Avengers is a specialist costuming group based in England. The north east of England to be more precise, hence the appropriate name. These cool and talented people like to portray characters from The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool. The North East Avengers go to all kinds of conventions and amaze people with their unbelievable cosplay, which you should definitely check out on their Instagram page.

Their Hulk cosplay certainly looks rather imposing, as The Incredible Hulk should. His muscles look quite impressive and the angry frown on his face undoubtedly strikes terror into spectators’ eyes. Plus, his purple ripped shorts are dead-on. As far as we’re concerned, this Hulk is ready to join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and kick some serious butt.


AbbyDark-Star is a cosplayer, model, actress and streamer based in San Francisco. Just like the one you see above, Abby’s cosplay costumes are always an incredibly impressive sight. If you browse Abby’s gallery you will find her dressed up as Supergirl, Black Widow, Poison Ivy and many other comic book characters.

Abby’s She-Hulk was part of a video project she did with Amaglam Studios and is based on the Kotobukiya statute of the character. The project required Abby to portray a character she never expected she would cosplay, i.e. She-Hulk. Abby stated that she’s had some reservations about cosplaying as She-Hulk due to the fact that she’s only 5’2’’ tall. If it’s any consolation, we think the petite She-Hulk looks just as tough as the one from the comics.


Lawrence Grech is an incredibly talented cosplayer from the United States, whose costume designs look as good as the genuine article. Lawrence does costume-building, face-painting and cosplay. And on his YouTube channel you can find a bunch of tutorials for fun geeky stuff to do. Apart from Hulk, Lawrence also made incredibly awesome Wonder Woman and Batman costumes.

This classic Hulk cosplay looks quite impressive indeed. The muscles look bulky, the angry grimace on Hulk’s face is just right, the purple shorts are to the point, and the smashing pose is a very cool touch. It must have taken Lawrence a lot of time and effort to make this costume. But it payed off, because this truly is one heck of a Hulk costume.


Brigitte Berlin is a make-up artist, cosplayer, bodypainter and costume designer, whose Instagram page is packed with steamy bodypaint cosplay such as the one you see on the image above. Throughout her career, Brigitte has cosplayed as Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Wonder Woman and many other characters of both the Marvel and DC Universes. And yes, all of her cosplay does look like this.

Bodypainting certainly is an intriguing and fascinating form of art. Brigitte’s bodypainted She-Hulk looks almost surreal. The level of detail to which the costume and the body are painted doesn’t cease to amaze. The good news is this quite scandalous She-Hulk was part of an all-female sexy Avengers project The project also included sexy female versions of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America.


This Hulk Hogan and The Hulk mashup certainly made an impact at this year’s Chicago Wizard World Comic Con. This photo was taken by Manny Acance, a former scientist who decided that his love of photography and cosplay was greater than his love of science. After hanging his white coat, Manny now spends his time going to conventions and taking photos of interesting cosplay such as the one shown above.

We have to admit, this is a very creative and kind of funny idea. Combining the two of the world’s most famous Hulks certainly makes sense and looks pretty damn impressive. Plus, considering the fact that one is a professional wrestler and the other a huge enraged monster, imagine the trouble these two combined could cause.


Margie Cox is an actress, costume designer and cosplayer from Atlanta, Georgia. According to her Facebook bio, she’s just a fan whose cosplaying hobby got way out of control. And it’s a good thing it did, considering how good her out-of-control hobby looks. Also, fun fact, DC’s New 52 Huntress was modeled after Margie herself. Pretty cool indeed.

Margie’s She-Hulk cosplay is absolutely fantastic. The bodypaint, the hair, the outfit, all look flawless. Plus, the gym setting is certainly a perfect fit for such a feisty character. This Boxer She-Hulk is a very impressive piece of cosplay no doubt. And the equally impressive photo was taken by the talented photographer Andrew Michael Phelps, who has heaps of other remarkable cosplay photos you need to see.


One of the most popular cosplay costumes at the 2016 New York Comic-Con was this guy’s Incredible Hulk. At first glance, one could easily mistake this Hulk cosplay for a display. However, once you get closer you’re in for a real surprise. Not only does this huge costume look rather terrifying, it is also quite flexible, allowing the guy wearing it to scare the pants off of the onlookers.

A huge superhero fan, Tim Thomas from Brooklyn, built this 7-foot-tall Hulk costume at his home, using nothing but foam, vinyl and paint. The costume was a huge hit with the fans and tons of images and videos of Tim’s Hulk flooded social media. Reportedly, people were waiting in line to take a picture with the Incredible Hulk.


The people behind this outstanding bodypaint design are called The Midlands Bodypaint Project and their skill is undeniable. They are a nonprofit organization of very talented artists, models and photographers who like to use living canvasses instead of boring, old cotton and linen ones. Considering the beautiful pieces of art this talented group of people is creating, we can understand why.

The Red She-Hulk above looks pretty terrifying and extremely realistic. It is hard to believe that everything, from her body to her costume, is hand-painted. The muscles look so real, as well as her tight leather outfit. This Red She-Hulk cosplay truly is one impressive sight. If you think so too, you should check out the artists’ Instagram page for more awesome bodypaint cosplay.


And the award for the tallest Hulk goes to Salomon, who sported this unbelievable costume at the 2011 Montreal Comic-Con. When pictures of this guy swamped the forums, many were reluctant to believe this wasn’t a fake. And we can kind of see why. Just the mere size of this impressive Hulk costume is enough to make you doubt its authenticity.

But rest assured, we did some digging and this thing is legit. The guy who made it is apparently a big fan of The Incredible Hulk. Therefore, Salomon wanted to express his love by making this extraordinary mammoth costume. Just for scale, you can check out some more pictures of Salomon in his Hulk outfit standing around other people, who look rather miniscule compared to him.


Daradef is a Canadian cosplayer and prop-maker. Making costumes has been her hobby for 11 years and her amazing cosplay costumes have even won awards. You can find tons of amazing cosplay photos on her Instagram page, including characters from Star Wars, World of Warcraft and many more. When she’s not cosplaying and designing costumes, Dara likes to stream video games on her Twitch channel.

This amazing She-Hulk cosplay was Dara’s entry for the 2014 Student Life Network Gamers Pizza Pizza $10,000 Gamecation contest. We don’t how she did in the contest, but we certainly think she looks pretty damn amazing. The costume looks killer, just like the smirk on her face. Plus, the flying bullets make the already dangerous She-Hulk look ten times tougher.


Nicholas Young, aka Biopredator is a well-known costume designer and builder. He made this Hulk costume to cosplay as The Avengers with his friends. Nicholas’s YouTube channel has short fitting-test videos made during various phases of the costume build. And in case you want to build your own Hulk, he also included a tutorial. For more awesome pictures, such as Hulk chasing Black Widow, you can visit his page.

Biopredator built this incredible Hulk costume with his wife for Halloween back in 2012. It took 120 hours to complete and cost around $600 in materials to create. The costume is 5’11’’ tall and weighs 215 lbs. Every part of the costume, except for the head, was handmade. The head did need to be repainted to match the body and he installed foam inside the mask to make it look more realistic.


Moosefix is a very talented illustrator and cosplayer based in London, England. When she’s not cosplaying or designing cool and original T-shirts, Moosey likes to lift weights and play rugby, something that she definitely benefited from while cosplaying as such a muscly superhero as She-Hulk. Seriously, look at how fierce Moosefix looks in this marvelous She-Hulk costume.

The amazing photo of Moosey as She-Hulk in this glorious setting was taken by the cosplay photographer Carlos Adama, who managed to make this already fantastic cosplay look even better. In fact, the cosplay and the photo are so good that this could easily be a real “Planet She-Hulk” poster. Aside from She-Hulk, Carlos has taken plenty stunning cosplay photos, available on his Flickr page for your enjoyment.


KayPikeFashion is a self-thought bodypainter, model and artist. Bodypainting is her full-time job, which she streams live on her Twitch channel twice a week. Kay’s bodypainting work is truly a sight to behold. Not only do her painted costumes look unbelievably vivid and realistic, they are also incredibly detailed. Honestly, these bodypaint costumes look literally scary good.

Kay’s She-Hulk bodypaint cosplay is nothing short of extraordinary. She nailed the green skin, the outfit and the muscular structure. It is almost implausible that she was able to create this with nothing but some paint and by herself at that. Such a talent surely deserves a lot of attention and praise. If you wish to check out more of Kay’s stuff, visit her Instagram or Twitch.


Yet another amazing Hulk cosplay by none other than Lawrence Grech. Clearly Lawrence is a huge fan of The Hulk. Unlike his first Hulk cosplay, who was wearing his trademark purple shorts, this Hulk is sporting an incredibly cool gladiator armor. Just look at how authentic that costume looks. Damn, that’s impressive.

Lawrence’s Gladiator Hulk is obviously based on the Hulk from Marvel’s upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. The awesomeness of Hulk’s bulky body design is astounding on its own. However, what makes this cosplay even more unbelievable is the spot-on and detailed design of Hulk’s gladiator armor. Especially considering the fact the movie is not even out yet. Kudos, Lawrence. If you want to see more awesome professional cosplay pictures of Gladiator Hulk, visit Lawrence’s Instagram page.

Any other awesome Hulk cosplays we may have missed? Let us know in the comments!

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