Hulk 2, Justice League, Fantastic Four: May 4th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Zap2It, Eric Bana is still not on board for the gamma-powered sequel. "The project may be on the backburner given that Bana says they haven't talked to him to reprise the role, even though he is under contract to play Bruce Banner again if Universal does move forward with the project."


According to Comics Continuum, Bruce Timm spoke to fans at last weekend's WonderCon, and discussed plans for the third and fourth seasons of the animated series. "When we finished Season 2, we honestly didn't know if it was going to be our last season or not," he said. "We thought it was a 50-50 chance it could be our last season of Justice League. But they did come to us and say, 'We would like to pick up Seasons 3 and 4 of Justice League.' They did have a couple of stipulations. One of them was that they didn't want two-part stories any more; they wanted us to do half-hour, self-contained stories. At first, we were like, 'Yeah, we really liked two-part, hour-long stories; we liked having that elbow room to stretch out.' But we did Batman and Superman and Batman Beyond as half-hour shows, so it would just take a little bit of a learning curve to go back and figure out how to tell Justice League stories in a half an hour. But we thought we could do it. The second thing is that they asked us to rebrand the show somehow. And they were very vague about that. They just wanted to do something to differentiate Season 3 from Seasons 1 and 2, to let the audience know it's a fresher show. And, honestly, in retrospect, I think they would have been happy if we just changed the title of the show. And maybe some kind of superficial change with the line-up of the show. And you can blame it all on me. Anybody who doesn't like what's going on with Season 3 with all the guest-stars, you can blame it all on me. It was my idea. We could have one rotating cast member, we could have easily just added Aquaman to the show. That would have been enough to rebrand the show. Instead, I had this crazy notion. Instead of having just one guest star, why don't we go whole hog and go crazy. Fortunately, everyone on staff liked the idea, even though it meant designing and writing and developing all these new characters."


Hollywood North Report notes that they "will be setting up a production office this week in Vancouver @ Vancouver Film Studios. VFS has recently played host to 'I, Robot,' 'Paycheck,' 'X-Men 2,' 'Edison' and 'Battlestar Galactica' among numerous other high profile productions." Likewise, they note that "ER" doc Goran Visnjic has been spotted in Vancouver, "so it's safe to say he's now confirmed as having signed on to play the male lead opposite Jennifer Garner in 20th Century Fox's 'Elektra.'"


French-language site Allocine has three new photos (one, two, three) from the set of the web-spinning sequel.


Comics Continuum also has a spoiler-heavy synopsis with photos of this week's syndicated episode "The Prophecy."


Are you ready for a minute and twenty nine seconds of this week's episode, "Talisman?" AOL has posted just such a preview clip for your amusement (RealMedia only). The team at Devoted to Smallville has also posted some screen captures from the preview.


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