Hugh Jackman Doesn't Hold Back in Ad For Ryan Reynolds' Gin Company

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

When Logan actor Hugh Jackman refused to reprise his role as Wolverine for a Wolverine/Deadpool crossover despite Ryan Reynolds' insistence, Reynolds declared war. This on-again-off-again feud between the two actors known for their Marvel character portrayals finally ended in a truce, though, with Reynolds promising to do an ad for Jackman's coffee company, Laughing Man.

However, now both actors released a video to discuss their "truce" and confirm that they agreed to do ads for each others' companies -- Jackman's Laughing Man and Reynolds' Aviation Gin.

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Reynolds' ad is a surprisingly honest, sincere description of the product having "a special kind of power," highlighting its positive contribution to communities around the world with "his friend Hugh Jackman" featured talking to the workers or high-fiving children to sweet inspirational music in the background.

Nobody is more shocked than Hugh, who apparently recorded an ad under the impression that the truce was just another opportunity for Reynolds to mock and take jabs at him. Jackman's ad features the well-dressed actor sitting down in front of a fancy background and cursing Reynolds out with names and telling the viewer that his Aviation Gin is pretty great. He then opens the bottle and proceeds to let the contents pour all over the hardwood table before he flicks the cap off-screen.

Although this is most likely staged, similar to the prank pulled on Reynolds last Christmas, both actors' sense of humor is undeniable, and one has to admit it is a creative way to advertise both of their products, even though Reynolds apparently spent over $1 million making his ad.

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