Hugh Jackman Entertains the Possibility of a Wolverine Musical

Since his swan song to Wolverine in the critically acclaimed Logan, Hugh Jackman has fended off an endless barrage of questions about under what circumstances he might return to the role. However, he's ruled each one of them out -- including appearing onscreen with the Avengers, following Disney's purchase of Fox. But what about for a Wolverine musical?

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The Tony Award-winning actor was posed that very question while promoting his new musical drama The Greatest Showman. Alas, his answer remained the same, at least initially.

"No, no more Wolverine, I can tell you that right now," he replied to Yahoo! Entertainment. "I played him long enough -- actually, you only need to read one comic book to know that's probably never gonna happen."

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Yet, Jackman wasn't opposed to imagining what a Wolverine musical might look like. "If it did, it would be in the Blues Brothers world," he continued, "the Jim Belushi Blues Brothers part of that world. [...] Think chicken wire, and people throwing beer bottles. And him probably slicing them in half, that kind of things. Yeah, I don't see kick lines."

Jackman appeared as Wolverine in nine films, beginning in 2000 with director Bryan Singer's X-Men. He said farewell to the role earlier this year with director James Mangold's Logan, which seemingly also marks the final appearance of Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier.

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