Hugh Jackman Steps Back Into the Spotlight in New Greatest Showman Trailer

the greatest showman

The Greatest Showman takes Hugh Jackman back to his musical-theater roots in a big way, as shown in the latest trailer for this biographic drama about the legendary P.T. Barnum.

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While the previous trailer for the Fox feature showed snippets of plot amid tons of singing and, indeed, showmanship, this one tells much more of the film's story, a highly stylized retelling of the birth of the Greatest Show on Earth.

As longtime fans know, Jackman enjoys the razzle-dazzl, and The Greatest Showman certainly seems like the perfect vehicle for the actor to dive back into the world of song and dance. While this could have easily been a more realistic biopic, The Greatest Showman aims to showcase Barnum as a man who realized it was better to be different, and developed his circus to showcase unique and wonderful misfits.

The real Barnum  probably wasn't so gracious or magnanimous, but this film is much more a message than it is a faithful portrayal of a historical figure. The film wants to serve as a time for folks to look to the happier, more accepting side of society. Maybe they could come away from the film more accepting of others themselves. At the very least, moviegoers will be treated to a love story between Zendaya and Zac Efron's characters, so gushy feelings certainly won't go to waste.

The Greatest Showman, which also stars Michelle Williams, arrives in theaters on Christmas.

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