Hugh Jackman Explains <i>Wolverine</i> Rewrite, 'Darker' Take On Comics

After finally confirming last week that The Wolverine will be delayed until after he's finished filming Les Misérables, Hugh Jackman has returned to alleviate concerns about the rewrite of Christopher McQuarrie's highly praised screenplay.

It's not that anything's wrong with the script, based on the 1982 Wolverine miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller -- Claremont called McQuarrie "brilliant" -- it's that new director James Mangold wants to put his stamp on the project following the departure of Darren Aronofsky. Enter Total Recall screenwriter Mark Bomback.

“When a director takes over any script, they need to make it their movie," Jackman told The Playlist while making promotional rounds for Real Steel. "So Jim hired Mark to help him make the movie his own. Darren had worked on the script himself and taken it in a certain direction that was right for him. And that would have been a great version of the movie. I’ve seen Jim’s version now and, you know, Jim saw things that weren’t working for him that were working for Darren. And I’ve got to hand it to Fox and to Jim, it’s easy when you start with the best script we’ve had from Chris McQuarrie. Which is why Darren signed on. So once you have that, that’s 80, 85 percent of your movie."

He also revealed that the script deviates from the comic-book source material, which had Logan to Japan to battle ninjas and the politics of the Tokyo criminal underworld for the heart of his ex-lover.

“It’s a little darker and, I think, a little more true to the character,” Jackman said. “If you read all of [the Japanese saga] there is a lot of it that is a little disparate and some of it’s got X-Men in it. There’s a wedding and all that. So we take license with that.”

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