Sorry, Hugh Jackman's 'Huge' Announcement Isn't About Wolverine


Earlier this week, Hugh Jackman promised he would appear on Today to make a "huge announcement." Even though there are many fans who hoped this meant he would reprise his role as Wolverine, that's sadly not the case. Instead, the big reveal is that Jackman, a musical theater actor, is reviving his one-man stage show.

According to Variety, Jackman sang two songs during his Today appearance as a mini-preview of what fans can expect from his worldwide tour. It's expected that Jackman will sing songs from Les Miserables, Oklahoma, The Boy from Oz and his latest musical project, The Greatest Showman.

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Of course, this is not the kind of announcement Wolverine fans want from Jackman, but it's time to face the music: Jackman might never return as Wolverine. When Jackman said his time as Wolverine was over after Logan, it appears that he meant it. If the success of The Greatest Showman is any indication, Jackman seems to feel most himself when he is indulging in his musical theater roots.

In Hollywood, it's always best to say "never say never," but -- as far as Jackman's stint as a superhero goes -- it seems safe to say he won't be donning the claws again any time soon.

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