Hudnall's Other Screen Projects

It's a good year for comic books getting the nod from Hollywood. Even independent luminaries like James Hudnall are getting their chance to shine.

In addition to Chris "The X-Files" Carter choosing Hudnall's "Harsh Realm" to develop into a Fox television series beginning Fall 1999, the comic creator spoke to Comics2Film (http://www.comics2film.com/) this week about his other projects.

"ESPers," the series Hudnall is best-known for, has been has been optioned by director Tim Hunter, whose work includes "Homicide: Life on the Streets," "Twin Peaks," "The River's Edge" and writer/producer Clifton Campbell of "SeaQuest DSV" and "Tekwar."

The comic is currently published every other month by Image Comics. The book features a group of psychics at odds with government agents.

"Devastator" also appears to be getting the film treatment, with a screenplay by Hudnall. He told Comics2Film the work is "being seriously considered" by several parties.

The cyberpunk story features an ex-cop installing a wetware implant that turns him into an assassin for a drug lord.

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