'Hsu and Chan' come to SLG Publishing

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Hsu and Chan Tanaka, the heroes of the popular Electronic Gaming Monthly strip by Norm Scott, will be debuting in a new, quarterly series featuring all-new material in January 2003, when SLG Publishing releases Hsu and Chan #1.

In their adventures, the brothers Hsu and Chan Tanaka design high-quality video games (with only the occasional cheap knock-off), try to pick up on girls, battle evil competitors, and peddle their wares at video game trade shows. Once in a while, they even fight supernatural forces that threaten their very existence. In issue one, 'Curse of the Ancients', Hsu and Chan unwittingly come into possession of an ancient artifact that catapults them into a wild escapade featuring a giant dragon and action worthy of Kung Fu Theater. Also features a chipmunk.

Creator Norm Scott first developed his popular pair of protagonists in 1999, and submitted the strips to the widely-read magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly. Since then, Hsu and Chan have appeared in numerous adventures in the magazine, building a sizeable following that has carried over into Scott¹s own website.

SLG Assistant Publisher Jennifer de Guzman Belew says of Norm Scott¹s work, "He takes elements from video games, comic books, and those great old kung fu movies and puts them together in a really funny, clever package. Although Hsu and Chan aren't so lucky with the ladies, ironically, Hsu and Chan the comic book has what all women look for in a man ­ intelligence, a sense of humor, and looks."

The SLG debut of Hsu and Chan will be promoted with a tie-in story in Electronic Gaming Monthly #161, on sale in November, and will be featured in the November issue of Diamond Comics¹ Previews (v.12 #11) under ³Amaze Ink/Slave Labor². Hsu and Chan is a black-and-white, 24 page, quarterly comic book series. For more information about Hsu and Chan or other SLG Publishing titles, contact Publisher Bob Simpkins at mr.bob@slavelabor.com or Assistant Publisher Jennifer de Guzman Belew at jellyfish@slavebor.com, call 1-800-866-8929 or visit the SLG Publishing website at http://www.slavelabor.com.

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