Howard the Duck gets a shot at a reboot in this remixed trailer

Maybe -- just maybe -- when Howard the Duck made a cameo last year in Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel wasn't merely dropping an Easter egg to reward longtime fans but instead laying the groundwork for a solo movie. It's been nearly three decades since his last film; Howard's rested and ready to go!

Vulture imagines his triumphant return to a starring role in this "remixed" trailer by Louis Plamondon that plunks Howard down squarely in Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Judging from the release date, he'll have to usurp Avengers: Infinity War -- Part 2, but stranger things have happened. OK, no they haven't.

While the obvious premise for the film might be how Howard ended up in the Collector's museum, the "remixed" footage of Samuel L. Jackson has pulled me in another, better direction: 90 minutes or so of Howard pissing off Nick Fury. It'll be a blockbuster.

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