"Howard the Duck" Film Star Lea Thompson Returns as Herself for "Howard the Duck" #8

Thirty years after the George Lucas-produced "Howard the Duck" movie hit theaters, the film's star -- and Howard's questionable inter-species love interest, Beverly -- Lea Thompson, is returning, as herself, to the franchise in Marvel Comics' latest issue of "Howard the Duck."

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Chip Zdarsky-written and Joe Quinones-drawn "Howard the Duck" #8 sees Thompson, "...appearing in the comic as herself" and show-up at the titular duck's door to hire him for a missing persons case.

THR adds, "But the missing person is her! It turns out that she has been losing amounts of time over the years and can't account for her actions or whereabouts. The answer to the mystery ties Thompson to her appearance to the 1986 movie."

Discussing the appearance, Thompson told the site, "My career goes into a 100 different directions and I embrace them all...They asked me to appear in the comic and I was like, 'Sure, why not?'"

On having the star appear in his issue, Zdarsky said, "We started planning this over a year ago, and a lot of the current storyline has been building toward this appearance, so it makes sense in-story and isn't just a stunt," adding, "She was at the center of two pivotal movies for me growing up, the one where she sleeps with a duck, and the other where she tries to sleep with her time-travelling son...I lived in a small town and my friend Terry and I would rent the VHS tape over and over...We both agreed that the titular song played at the end of the movie by Lea's band Cherry Bomb was the greatest song ever, so we used a microphone to record it from our TV speakers so we could listen to it whenever we wanted."

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The bombing of the "Howard the Duck" film reportedly encouraged the "Back to the Future" star to find greater success in another film: "I had to get on another movie...I wouldn't have done the movie if Howard wasn't such as bomb."

"Howard the Duck" #8 hits stores on June 8.

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