'Howard the Duck #1' allocated

Official Press Release

Hey, True Believers!

HOWARD THE DUCK has landed -- and has already ruffled plenty of tailfeathers!

We received word yesterday that his first issue under the MAXimprint was allocated to retailers around the world by 15%. This was aresult of a printer error. Normally, comics are packed 300 copies per case,but this issue was packed 250 per case. This went undetected because no oneat the printer made note of the change that caused the 15% shortage ofinventory to Diamond Comics Distributors.

The good new is, we have worked things out with the printer andDiamond so that retailers will receive the balance of their orders for nextWednesday, the 30th.

We apologize for this shortage, and wish to assure all of the retailers andreaders that the debut issue by Steve Gerber and Phil Winslade will soon bewinging into stores across the globe! And, hey, if you can't wait a week,then you need to fly into your local comics shop today!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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