Howard Talks <i>The Dark Tower</i> Television Series &amp; Casting

Ain't It Cool News listened in on Ron Howard's recent appearance on Howard Stern's satellite radio show, and the director had a lot of thoughts to share on his developing adaptation of The Dark Tower. Here are the highlights as pointed out by the AICN gang:

- The planned television series that would bridge the gap between the first and second Dark Tower movies would only run six hours in length, which AICN translates to roughly 4.5 hours of small-screen time. Howard said that the miniseries could wind up on one of NBC's cable channels like Syfy or USA rather than NBC proper.

- Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen are apparently the frontrunners for the role of Roland Deschain. This could just be an echo of last week's report, since there's no direct quote from Howard to go along with the update.

- This thing might not even happen. Apparently, Howard sounded "uncertain" that his vision of The Dark Tower would ever reach screens at all, describing the project as "merely in development." Not too surprising; like the journey at the center of the series itself, The Dark Tower has been through a long and storied struggle on its way towards adaptation. Even though the project is currently in Howard's hands, it's very likely that it'll never come to pass.

Check out AICN's full report for more.

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