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He's a writer and producer of Pamela Anderson's "V.I.P." and the WB's "7th Heaven". He's a writer and frequent guest on "The Howard Stern Show". And now, following in the footsteps of J. Michael Straczynski, Judd Winick, and Kevin Smith, comedian Ron Zimmerman will soon be the next Hollywood scribe to write for Marvel - and he's starting by taking aim at The Punisher!

On sale January 9th, PUNISHER #8 features Frank Castle vs... Al Capone? In what could be the wildest PUNISHER epic yet, Zimmerman examines what a vigilante does when he runs out of scum to kill. Traveling back in time to '30s Chicago, the one-man-army sets out to obliterate the greatest criminal empire in American history!

"It takes a particular kind of madman to write THE PUNISHER," stated editor Stuart Moore. "In no time flat, Ron came up with a brilliant idea for the character. But unfortunately, I'm afraid that any rumors about Pamela Anderson guest-starring in this issue are completely false."

And that's just the beginning of Zimmerman's rampage through The House! Also in his sights is a special stand-alone SPIDER-MAN'S TANGLED WEB story entitled DOUBLE-SHOTS due in early 2002!

"Ron wrote 'Action' - which happens to be one of the best TV shows ever - so when I found out that he was a comic fan, I knew I wanted to work with him," said editor Axel Alonso. "His dialogue is spot-on, lean and mean and loaded. DOUBLE SHOTS is set in the infamous bar with no name, where super-villains gather to pound beers, lick their wounds, and let off steam. And what do these three guys who happen to be super-villains talk about? Well, they bust each other's chops, compare penis sizes - metaphorically - and talk about what interests them: work and girls."

"I'm such a fan," Zimmerman told Wizard. "I deal with celebrity culture on the 'Stern' show, but to me, Spider-Man is a celebrity. Of course, I also thought 'Action' would be a huge hit and that Hank the Angry Dwarf would outlive Stuttering John. I drink a tremendous amount of vodka and am on enough medication to kill Elvis all over again, so what do I know?"

Welcome to The House, Ron - we think you'll find it even more strange than Hollywood!

(Ron Zimmerman bio = Formerly a writer and producer of Pamela Anderson's "V.I.P.", Ron Zimmerman is now a writer, producer, and occasional guest-star on the WB's "7th Heaven". Ron was also one of the Executive Producers of the late, great, "Action" TV series, which starred Jay Moher. A writer and frequent guest on "The Howard Stern Show", Ron is now the Executive Producer, along with Stern, of a TV pilot by Howard Stern Productions.)

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