Howard Porter's Return is Good

The second issue of DCU: Decisions #2 featured artwork by Howard Porter, and I really quite enjoyed it. Porter's inks over his pencils reminded me of the old days of Porter and John Dell on JLA.

I had noticed Porter's absence from comics, but I had chalked it up to dissatisfaction with the business, as I know Porter had left comics in the past. However, thanks to this very cool interview by Vanetta Roger over at Newsarama, I learned that it was due to an injury Porter suffered on his thumb.

Since his forced departure from comics, Porter had been driving a school bus! Read the interview for more details - Porter is always an amiable, engaging interview, and this interview is no exception. He's a really cool guy, whether I always like his artwork or not, and I'm glad to see him able to draw comics again (and, again, DCU: Decisions #2 looked good).

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