Howard Porter exclusive to DC, takes over 'Flash' with #207

Official Press Release

Howard Porter, acclaimed artist of JLA and Fantastic Four, has signed a two-year exclusive agreement with DC Comics, effective in January. Porter is slated to take over as the new penciller on THE FLASH with issue #207, which is scheduled to be in stores in February.

"After sitting and talking at great length with Dan DiDio," says Porter, "I quickly began to share his enthusiasm and passion for DC's plans over the next couple of years. It was clear to me that DC has the ticket for an exciting ride. I sure didn't want to miss it, so taking the exclusive package was an assurance I would be in the front row. What is the best part of the deal? Mike Carlin said he would be sitting next to me during the show and sharing his popcorn and soda (with two straws of course!)"

"Howard's coming back to DC means a lot to me, personally, " said DiDio, DC's VP - Editorial. "He's done his best work with us and he belongs on the team we're bringing into the future of the DCU."

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