Howard & Hemsworth's 'In The Heart of the Sea' Pushed Back Nine Months

With a possible eye towards an Oscar campaign by the studio, Warner Bros. has pushed the Ron Howard-directed, Chris Hemsworth-starring In The Heart of the Sea back nine months from a planned March 13 opening to December 11, 2015.

Deadline reported on the move, noting that the hole it leaves in the studio's March schedule will be filled by the Liam Neeson thriller Run All Night, which was to open on April 17.

With a pair of trailers already released, Heart of the Sea carried a certain expectation for Warner. The film not only re-teams Howard and Hemsworth (who previously worked on the racing drama Rush) but reunites a third member of the team from that film: screenwriter Peter Morgan. The Academy Award-nominee also wrote the screenplay for Howard's Frost/Nixon.

The team's new film is an adaptation of Nathaniel Philbrick’s novel about the stranded Essex whaleship-turned-cannibal massacre that inspired Moby Dick. The film also stars Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Ben Whishaw, Tom Holland, Brendan Gleeson and Jordi Molla.

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