Howard Chaykin working on video game, new comics

Linsay, the singly-named writer for Comics Anonymous, caught up with Howard Chaykin at the London Super Comic Con and had a nice chat about the many projects he is working on right now. We all know Chaykin is doing variant covers for Garth Ennis's The Shadow, and Dynamite is re-releasing a collected edition of his own The Shadow: Blood and Judgment as a trade paperback, but he has a lot more going on than that:

right now as we speak I am writing a video game which we cannot discuss as although I’m very excited about it as I’ve signed an NDA. I’m about to start the artwork for the sequel to Black Kiss, a genuinely disgusting comic book that I did when I was in my late thirties when I was genuinely disgusting and now that I’m post-disgusting I have decided to re-explore the concept of what it would be like at my age to dabble in my own disgust.

Black Kiss will be published by Image, and Chaykin goes to some lengths to discuss just how disgusting it is, and how it ties in with his love of musical comedy. On top of that, he is working with Matt Fraction on another comic, to be published by Icon, that also has a show-business connection. And he takes a moment to ruminate on his long career in comics:

The high points of my career started in the 80s and ended in the 90s so I’m well passed my prime and perfectly comfortable with the idea that I’ve been coasting on that but never not doing quality work. Just the audience passes you by, the audience has other ideas and other issues. Since that time I’ve done nothing that I’m ashamed of. I did plenty of work I’m ashamed of before that but nothing since. I did some shit stuff because I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. Inadequacy is often its own reward. I did the Star Wars comic in the 70s and if I’d have know It was going to be as big a hit I would have done a better job.”

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